No One Thought Sam The Samoyed Needed To Be Groomed, But His Shocking Makeover Left Them All Speechless

Many animal lovers consider a career in the field of dog grooming…until they actually work in a grooming salon and see the work and talent required.

Even though the work is grueling, and many of your clients turn the session into a wrestling match adding to the level of difficulty, there’s a special satisfaction in turning a shaggy mess of hair into a manicured beauty.

Most salon owners require a diploma from a grooming school from anyone who applies for a job. Certainly, there is much more to learn than just “cutting dog hair.” The curriculum is intense and covers everything from toe nails to nose.

Just learning how to properly brush a dog is in itself an art. And, doing it improperly can do permanent damage to a dog’s coat.

Some breeds are simple to groom, others are a nightmare.

Dogs who have never been exposed to clippers, hair dryers, and bathtubs can require an extreme amount of physical stamina as well as expertise from their groomer.

Groomers count their blessings when a dog comes into the shop that has a coat that’s difficult to groom, but is so happy to be in the “doggy spa” that he behaves beautifully through it all.

That describes Sam the Samoyed to a T.

The Samoyed was bred to be a herding dog in harsh cold climates where it would also pull the sleds of the shepherds when they moved from pasture to pasture. The coat of the Samoyed is a “double coat” meaning that it has an outer, thicker coat and an inner, thin coat.

That double thickness can be likened to wearing insulated underwear under your clothes. It keeps you much warmer so you can work and play in frigid temperatures.

This double coat makes them very difficult to groom, as not only do they create a massive amount of hair, but it is hard to be sure you are combing and brushing clear to the skin.

Not doing so means the hair will mat and might have to be clippered down. Something that should never be done to a double coated breed unless absolutely necessary.

Sam’s owner keeps him in very good condition by regularly brushing his coat to remove the dead undercoat so he doesn’t mat. When Sam is nearing the time that he needs to be groomed, the hair on his head and neck starts standing out like a lion’s mane.

Nobody believed him when Sam’s owner told folks how much hair Sam produced, and how much came off of him with every groom. So, when it came time for Sam to be groomed again, his owner videoed the whole process.

He started with Sam lying on his side in the  middle of an open space in his home. Sam has been through the routine so many times, he looks forward to the extra attention. And the oohs and aaaahs from all the girls after he’s done.

Through over a minute of time-lapsed video, Sam received a serious brushing, and like snow on the prairie, his hair piled up.

You might notice that in the photos above, the sun is still high in the sky. Note where it is in the next pic. It takes a very long time to do the job correctly! Sam is a lucky dog to have an owner who knows how to do it right!

Finally, the big dog was nearly finished. And the pile of hair lying beside him was almost as big as he is! Doesn’t it look like a big cloud settled beside them on the rug?

If the hair is removed correctly, it can actually be used to make yarn and then loomed for weaving projects. Looks to me like the hair from Sam could make a few sweaters to get ready for winter!

Believe it or not, that pile of hair wasn’t all of it. Watch the video below to see how much hair ended up on the floor. And see how beautiful Sam looks with his new hairdo!

Source: Honest to Paws

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