Nobody Wanted This Adorable Pup. When He Finally Gets A New Mamma, She Learns His Amazing Secret!

You should always take a chance on a young animal.

You just never know what he’ll grow up to be…

For instance, when Leonora Anzaldua brought home an indescribably cute puppy named Penny, she had no idea what to expect.

It’s a little surprising that nobody seemed to want Penny, though.

A PetCo employee found the lonely pup wandering around a local park and then she got passed around from home to home.

For some reason, nobody wanted to keep her.

Well, Leonora decided to take a chance on the adorable dog. And when she got him home, she noticed something…

Penny was smart. Shockingly smart, in fact.

Penny could learn simple tricks in a flash; she learned “sit” in just a few hours! And that was just the beginning.

At only 8 months old, Penny was learning tricks many dogs never master in their entire lives.

Then, as she told IHeartDogs, Leonora decided to take yet another step:

I figured, they say dogs are about as smart as a human toddler and toddlers can learn shapes; so I bought a shape sorter and set out to teach her to use it.

No problem for Penny.

And when she got that down, they moved on to letters. That’s right, this amazingly intelligent canine is learning how to spell!

There seems to be no end to what Penny can do. If you don’t believe it, check it out:

Source: Clever Dog Learns How To Spell Her Name by Storyful on Rumble

Penny is now 3 years old and at this rate, she’ll be doing long division and cooking dinner for Leonora! 😉

Source: I Heart Dogs

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