Man Kept Getting Noise Complaints From Neighbors When NOT Home – Set Up A Nanny Cam To SOLVE The Mystery!

Most have us have wondered at one time or another what our pets do when we leave them at home alone. The movie The Secret Life of Pets was even created on that premise.

One man decided he needed to find out for himself what his dog was up to after receiving several complaints from his neighbors.

They were upset about all the noise coming from the man’s apartment at all hours of the day. What he found was nothing less than hysterical.

Before he left for work, he set up a nanny cam to catch his pup in the act. And he most certainly did that.

Soon after he left home, the nanny cam caught the pup hopping up on a bench, pounding away on the ivories and howling away. That’s right, this dog was playing the piano and singing the blues!


No wonder his neighbors complained. This is not simply a dog crying or whimpering for his person to come back home. This is a dog totally into his music.

The adorable pup seems to be enjoying himself, too. University of Florida veterinarian Terry Marie Curtis told Slate that this dog seems to be okay even though he’s missing his person.

Animal behaviorist Peter Borchelt suggested to MSNBC that the pup may be howling with the notes from the piano keys like he would with other howling dogs.

So, what would you do in this situation? Would you stop your dog from having such fun while you’re gone or save your neighbors from the daily concert?


The owner recieved noise complaints from the neighbours, so they set up a nanny cam. This is what they saw LOL

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