Man Tosses Orangutan A Treat. Orangutan Eats It…But What Happens Next Floors The Crowd!

When you visit a zoo, you sometimes get to interact with the animals.

Maybe you can pet them, or maybe you can toss them a treat.

Well, that’s what Vitaly R. decided to do during a recent trip to Bali, where he met an orangutan he’ll never forget.

In the video below, which is guaranteed to make you laugh (and think!), Vitaly tosses over a tasty treat.

First, the orangutan easily catches and eats the treat…which is cool but not half as cool as what he does next.

Vitaly waits for a bit and then is amazed to see the orangutan reaching for a treat of his own.

The surprised zoogoer extends his hand and then…

Source: A Man Tosses A Treat At An Orangutan, The Orangutan Decides To Return the Favor by Vitalyraz on Rumble

Now that is one smart monkey! 😀

Source: Rumble

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