Bewildered Researcher Left Baffled At His Owl’s New Best Friend

A Falconer in Spain by the name of Jordi Amenós Basora knows all too well what great predators owls are.

He trains them for shows for the public, having them leap from his arm in flight, hunt, and then come back with its prey, landing back on his arm.

But one day, something very peculiar happened. When the barn owl he was working with took flight another animal showed up.

This certainly wasn’t going to end well – but wait…

The owl, named Gebra, was used to being around humans since Jordi had her since she was a baby owlet.

But she didn’t like to interact with people much at all, and definitely not friendly with animals.

One afternoon, he had Gebra out to stretch her wings, when all of a sudden, Jordi realized that a neighborhood cat, named Fum had followed them.

He knew that talons and claws were a recipe for disaster.

The owl headed straight for the cat, and it looked like it may be lunch.

As it swooped to the ground, the cat jumped up to try to grab the owl.

After a few more passes with the same reaction, it hit Jordi that they were playing!

The odd couple began entertaining audiences all over the world after Jordi posted the above video on Youtube.

Their friendship continued to blossom, and before long they were inseparable, even with the cat climbing trees and his owl buddy swooping in for a little playtime up high.

But turnabout is fair play, so the owl would come down on the ground for a get-together too.

Researchers can’t explain this odd friendship, so there’s no real way of knowing why these two chose each other for their BFF.

But they sure are fun to watch!

Source: Honest to Paws

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