Owner Scolds Guilty Pup…His Adorable Reaction Lights Up The Internet

People who don’t live with dogs have no idea what great communicators they can be. Once you become tuned in to your pet you have no doubt what he’s thinking.

Most of us can tell by our dog’s actions how they feel about situations. Lip curls, tail tucks, head drops and tail wags all speak to us more plainly than human words could.

Dogs communicate well with each other too. Certainly, this little guy doesn’t waste any time telling his big brother he’s tired of getting tail swatted. (Not that big brother seems to care either way.)

Who hasn’t seen that look of abject embarrassment on their dog’s face when they get caught doing something they knew they shouldn’t be doing?

When a man in Portugal had to reprimand one of his three adopted dogs for becoming impatient and causing a bit of trouble during dinnertime, he was a little surprised at the dog’s attempt to say “I’m sorry.” First the well-known head tilt, “I really didn’t mean to, daddy.

When his dad didn’t instantly tell him he was forgiven he realized that he might have to pull more tricks out of his repertoire. We are used to the arsenal of “forgive me” looks and actions that dogs can give us to make us back down from scoldings, but this dog may be a master at the art!

If his head tilts any farther, we’re going to think he’s part owl! The wagging tail does sort of give rise to the suspicion that his rear end isn’t quite as sorry as his front end is saying he is.

Ok. So the extreme head tilt didn’t work. Hold on, I’ll bring out the paw on the shoulder. That one always works. Except, this time it didn’t. Dad is still pretty upset. It’s time to bring out the big gun.

Face kisses. When all else fails, big sloppy dog kisses all over his face works like a charm. Wait a minute! Is this man made out of stone? What the heck do I try now? I’m all out of make-up tricks.

Perhaps if I perch on the railing and just look contrite it will work. I am really sorry about the whole thing. Is it working? Are you still mad? Are you…man! This is a tough sell.

Looking for all the world like a drunk trying to get a point across to the guy sitting next to him at a bar, he tries to get his point across. “Look, dude, I think you misunderstood the whole situation. It was some other dude’s fault. I didn’t really do what you thought I did. But, if I’d done it, I know I’d be sorry. Ok. We good now?”

Finally, he starts to think it might all be working…

<insert video>

Apology accepted, little buddy! We’re good.

Source: Honest To Paws

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