Patrick Stewart Forced To Give Up His Beloved Pup, Ginger – The Reason Why Has Dog Lovers Furious!

Millions of fans around the world will forever get a mental picture of Jean Luc Picard when they hear the name, Patrick Stewart. Hearing Stewart’s voice echoes in our ears with the sounds of him telling his Number Two to “Make It So” as they set out to make the universe safe for everyone.

These days Stewart isn’t making women swoon with his dashing and timeless good looks. Nor is he making more men want to be him because of his swashbuckling attitude.

Stewart is indeed growing a larger fan base today around the world. But, not from a new role he is playing. Rather, it’s his real life role of “dog dad” that is garnering him a universe full of new followers.

Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, have long been vocal about their interest in helping Pit Bull Terriers get their rightful good press. The breed has been viciously maligned by the media for years, with the end result that the breed is banned in some places.

Stewart admits with shame that too he once held to the popular notion of Pit Bulls; that they were vicious creatures, non-trustworthy. A Pit Bull named Sadie that moved in next door to him when he lived in New York educated him quickly to the facts about the breed.

I had a reaction to [the idea of meeting Sadie], which I am now significantly ashamed of because pit bulls to me meant only one thing: aggression, hostility, violence,” Stewart told People magazine.

Sadie’s sweet temperament and smile as well as her constantly wagging tail impressed Stewart so much that when he moved to California he contacted the Wags & Walks rescue group to offer his and his wife’s help in not only raising positive awareness for the breed, but also fostering one special dog.

Patrick and Sunny now know first hand that a “Pibble” (as those who know the breed well affectionately refer to them) can be one of the best pets possible.

After filling out all of the necessary paperwork and being approved as a foster home, Stewart and Ozell agreed to foster a charming little Pibble girl named Ginger. It was love at first sight for all of them.

Stewart became the perfect dog dad. If you haven’t followed his devoted run as a doggie foster dad, check out his Instagram account,

The three of them, Stewart, Ozell and Ginger, became inseparable. She went on interviews with him, traveled with them wherever they went and became truly part of the family. 

They were making plans to take Ginger with them when they returned to Great Britain where they reside for part of the year when they got shocking news.

Ginger would not only be welcome in Stewart’s homeland, but legally could be put to death upon entering. Not because she’d done anything wrong. Ever. But just because of her appearance.

Stewart was crushed. And angry. He immediately began a campaign to bring even more awareness to the bigoted laws and the erroneous public opinion.

Soon, photos of Ginger and Stewart were everywhere. And the world mourned along with Stewart that their friendship was soon going to be ending. Simply because Ginger was born into the wrong skin. 

We can only hope that the world that wouldn’t listen to the legion of people who have shared their life with Pibbles for years, will pay attention when Sir Patrick Stewart speaks. We hope that his effort will be successful, to make the world understand that there are no bad Pit Bulls, there are only bad Pit Bull owners.

When it comes to living in a world where dogs, like humans, are judged by their actions and not by their appearance we can only hope that where others have failed, Sir Patrick and his followers will “Make It So.”

Source: I Heart Dogs

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