When An Amish Farmer Wanted To Put His Sick Dog Down, The Vet Knew Something Didn’t Seem Right

A puppy mill owner dropped off his mama boxer to a veterinarian clinic and said that if they couldn’t get her back to good enough health for further breeding, then he wanted her put down immediately.

Thankfully, the vet knew this was no downer dog and there was much more to the story.

Once the owner was safely away, the vet gave the sweet boxer named Tracy a full exam and then he picked up the phone

boxer rescue puppy mill pennsylvania

Her diagnosis: malnutrition.

Tracy was skinny and incredibly weak, barely able to lift her head. When she tried to walk, she nearly fell over.

As Dawn Karem of Adopt A Boxer Rescue put it, when she first saw Tracy she thought she didn’t have long for this world.

It was obvious that Tracy wasn’t in any shape for breeding. It was also obvious she needed a miracle to survive and another to ever live a happy, healthy life again.

She got her first miracle when Adopt A Boxer volunteered to cover all of Tracy’s expenses.

rescue boxer puppy mill pennsylvania

Trcay was transported to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital. After extensive testing, the UP vets had a final answer…Tracy was in the advanced stages of starvation. Her body had literally been eating itself.

Quoted in The Dodo, Karem said…

I am hoping that the vet in this story who met the Amish puppy mill owner is able to contact the correct authorities to stop him.

The rest of the puppy mill mamas or daddies need to be protected from being malnourished and then disposed of in such a high-handed and greedy manner.

But for now, we can celebrate Tracy and her beginnings to a full recovery and a long life filled with love.

Source: The Dodo

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