LOL! Here Are The 10 FUNNIEST Photos Of Pets STRUGGLING With Furniture!

Cats and dogs were created to live in the wild. But as they have become domesticated they have learned to live in our world.

Most of the time, they are quite successful at adapting to humans. Sometimes, however, they just can’t seem to master all our stuff.

Look at these epic fails as these animals struggle with their human’s furniture.

I tried to jump off, but it didn’t work.


What a long night of studying.


Nothing fits me anymore!


Help, I’m sinking!


I just wanted to watch the squirrels outside.


Only a cat could do this!


I have nothing to wear!


Ok, maybe a dog would do it, too.


My person wouldn’t get a chair big enough for me!


The blinds attacked me!

Source: Just Something

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