After Being Adopted This Pig Thinks It’s A Dog, How He Acts Will Have You In Stitches

It is not unheard of to see one animal adopt another type of animal.

We have even seen photos of animals who have taken other mother’s babies into their family.

This story is a little different though. It is not about how one animal adopted another. It is about how an adopted animal began to behave more and more like his adopted family

Dexter is a teacup pig. As a baby, he lost his home and was desperately in need of another family.

Dexter’s first family likely adopted him thinking that he would remain super small and cute. But over time, he grew much bigger than they had expected.

Teacup pigs have been known to grow as much as 65 pounds or larger.

Over time, Dexter’s family realized that they could no longer care for him given his growth rate. He was taken to a shelter until a new family could be found for him.

Eventually, Dexter was placed in a foster home. There he had a mom and three other foster pets, all dogs.

Dexter’s foster mom loved him immensely and felt that it was her mission to find him a forever home. She continued looking to no avail.

Eventually, she realized that the perfect forever home for Dexter was with her. Dexter’s mother adopted him.

What makes Dexter’s story so unique is not his adoption. It is what he did after finding his forever home. He started developing some new and rather odd behaviors.

Dexter started acting more and more like the three dogs he was living with. Houston, Diesel and Moose happily adopted Dexter into their home and thought nothing of his dog-like behaviors.

Dexter and Moose became particularly close. The two would run around the yard together playing chase. They became the best of friends. They swam in the pool, cuddled up together and wrestled just like puppies.

Dexter’s life started off tough, with a family who was unprepared to care for him. But the remainder of his life is filled with a family who loves him unconditionally, whether he behaves like a pig or a dog.

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