Ten Years After Their Cat Disappears, The Thompson Get A Call From 1000 Miles Away

In the world of animal rescue, technology is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Thanks to the advancement of microchips, pet parents are now given an extra lifeline of hope should their dog or cat ever go missing.

An easy $45 will give you the peace of mind knowing that if your pet is found in a shelter, the chip can be scanned and you can rightfully claim your pet.

Such is the case of our microchipped cat Pilot. You see, Pilot was adopted by the the Thompson family in 2004, but in 2007 he went missing.

However, 10 years later, that microchip did what it was supposed to do: it led Pilot back to his family, even though they now live in Colorado!











Pilot was just a kitten when he was adopted by the Thompson family. Pilot was a loving and social cat, often following the kids around like a dog. The family adored him.

Then one day when Pilot was three, he wandered off and didn’t return.

The family did everything they could to find him, but to no avail. The California dessert the Thompsons called home was full of coyotes and the family feared the worst.

As the years passed, the family moved to Colorado and adopted other kitties. They assumed that Pilot was just a memory.

Then, last fall, the devastating California wildfires hit with a vengeance, displacing thousands of people, destroying hundreds of homes and killing countless animals.

The Thompsons hoped to help out by adopting some of the misplaced cats after the fires. Soon they received a phone call from a local shelter in California, but not the one they expected.

Pilot had been found! Even though he had disappeared ten years before, he was found in the rubble of the fires only a mile from the Thompsons old house!

It turned out that another resident, looking for her own animals, had found Pilot and taken him to a vet where they discovered the microchip that the Thompsons had implanted years before!

Soon they were on a plane to California for an extraordinary reunion a decade in the making and against all odds.

Thankfully Pilot survived the fires, though a bit worse for the wear.

Five toes needed to be amputated, but is making a full recovery.

With his new, old forever family to give him lots of love, it looks like Pilot will be just fine!


Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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Written by Cate Bryan

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