Dogs Were Abused And Dyed Pink, Then Someone Found Them Discarded In The Woods

What some people think is cute, others see as just plain wrong. Animals are not props to be used for a short while, to look cute and then be discarded when you have no use for them any longer.

Dogs like the ones in this story should be adopted into loving families, cared for and loved.

A group of people was walking through a forest in Russia near a seaside resort town. They were shocked when they came upon two Samoyed dogs, both of whom had been dyed pink.

Rescuers learned that the two had been used as props in the resort town when they were puppies. Their owners charged tourists to have their pictures taken with the pink pooches.

But when the dogs grew, the owners decided that they could not afford to keep the dogs any longer. Rather than being responsible and helping them find new homes, the owners simply abandoned the pair in the forest.

When they were found, they were not together. They had somehow become separated in the forest. Volunteers reunited the pair at a shelter in Moscow.

Both dogs had suffered injuries as well as inflammation and eczema, possibly caused by the pink dye. Small pieces of shrapnel were also removed from one of the dogs and the other had been shot in his ear.

Sadly, despite a police investigation, the original owners continue to operate their business and reportedly have a new set of colored puppies. Tourists are urged not to support the business.

As for the Samoyeds, one volunteer reported that they are “very tender, obedient and kind.” After receiving the care and attention they needed, they were finally adopted into their forever homes.

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