Pit Bull Barks Ferociously At Terrified Cat In The Street – But It’s Not What It Seems

Onlookers were stunned!

The Hatfields and McCoys, Rome and Carthage, dogs and cats — we all know that these are things that simply do not get along. So, when you see a Pit Bull barking ferociously at a terrified kitty cat, it’s easy to think things won’t end well for the cat.

Uh oh!

Nobody tries to cage tigers with bunnies, for example. You know beforehand that the outcome isn’t going to be good for the bunny.

You’d never put a shark in a guppy tank, unless the shark needed a meal.

When you see a dog barking ferociously at a cat, you know the cat is about to be in trouble. Right?

But one dog recently proved that some rules are meant to be broken.

Barking ferociously!

When pedestrians first saw this big dog barking at a little cat on the street, they were fairly certain it wasn’t going to end well.

Some of them stood back and waited for the fireworks to start. Most were afraid to intervene, because they weren’t well enough equipped.

Anyone who knows cats knows that trying to pick up one that’s angry or frightened will end up in a loss of skin for the foolish human.

So they just watched as the dog circled the cat, barking furiously.

What’s really going on here?

Then he would stop and look into the crowd as if needing encouragement.

The cat was making menacing noises but strangely, she wasn’t making any effort to run away.

In fact, she didn’t even budge. She just laid there, keeping an eye on the dog but not moving.

Suddenly, the dog moved a little bit closer and the little cat was off like a flash. She dove under a nearby car and hissed at the dog.

But this canine wasn’t to be deterred!

He moved over beside the car and started barking in earnest. Frantically. Jumping and barking and drawing attention to them.

But again, the kitty didn’t run. She just seemed stuck to the ground.

What the heck was going on?

Then the owner of the car backed slowly out of the spot to reveal the terrified feline.

That’s when the crowd of passerby were stunned to see the dog approach…and sit right down beside the kitty!

He just looked at the humans; he was obviously trying to tell them something.


And this time, they moved to help. Someone with gloves picked up the cat and headed for the nearest veterinarian.

That’s where they learned the truth:

As they soon discovered, the cat had been injured and the dog had indeed been trying to bring attention to her plight.

So THAT’S what the dog had been doing!

Thankfully, once a veterinarian had examined her, he reported that the cat hadn’t been injured too severely and would make a full recovery.

All thanks to her canine friend.

What’s your favorite story of two species that not only didn’t have a grudge against each other, but instead became good friends?

Do you know any dogs and cats that get along well?

Share them with us. Maybe your animals will end up the internet sensations that this sweet dog and his lucky kitty friend have become!

Source: Honest To Paws

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