Stray Pit Bull Suffers Through Painful Labor…When Vet Sees X-Ray, His Jaw Drops

Births can be problematic for animals, especially those without homes.

If something goes wrong, there’s no help close at hand and tragically, the babies often perish.

Thankfully, however, the Hope for Paws rescue team in Los Angeles was on the scene when a stray pit bull went into labor.

Other than the fact that the poor pooch was homeless, she seemed to be in decent condition.

Therefore, the team wasn’t expecting a particularly troublesome birth.

But as the babies started to come, the rescuers started to realize that the mamma dog was in more pain than anticipated.

One baby had already died and the other four were clinging to life, so the team rushed them all to a nearby vet.

That’s when the vet realized the problem:

All the little pups were horribly infested with fleas!

The tiny things had given their mother a terrible time of it and worse, they were in serious trouble.

But the team worked quickly to rid the mother and her babies of those dangerous pests; they needed lots of baths!

And when it was over, they were all alive and well.

The rescuers named the mother pit bull Lexus, while the babies adopted names of Prius, Beamer, Mercedes, and Cooper.

Yep, all car-related. Maybe that’ll help entice prospective owners…

But believe it or not, the trials weren’t over for Lexus because the vet saw something when taking an X-ray.

There was a mysterious spot and it needed to be addressed…and you won’t believe what it was!

Source: Honest to Paws

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