Pit Bull Shocks UPS Driver, Now They Both Have To Go Home And Change!

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery they say. Certainly, we all know that in high school, if the most popular girls dressed in something out of the norm, the next day everyone was wearing the same thing.

Sometimes, we choose people and things that aren’t usually thought of as role models to emulate. To get an idea of what, you can look through the aisles of Halloween costumes and see some pretty outlandish stuff.

When one mom was trying to decide what costume to get for her dog to wear for Halloween, it was a no-brainer.

Every day for the last five years, 10-year-old pit bull Lucy Heer has waited by the door hoping that her mom Stephanie had ordered something that would be delivered by UPS. Her favorite person in the world, next to Stephanie of course, is her UPS driver, Paul.

They just have a really special bond. Our UPS driver loves dogs and he always gravitated towards Lucy,” Heer told InsideEdition.com. “Every time Lucy sees his truck she will sprint over and run inside it. She will wag her tail and gets so excited.”

Paul had worked hard to get her affection. He carries dog treats in his truck and every time he delivered a package for Stephanie, he made sure to give Lucy a treat.

So, when Stephanie began her search for a Halloween costume for Lucy, she knew exactly what she was looking for. And she found it!

When it arrived, she didn’t tell Paul or Lucy what was inside. She wanted to surprise both of them.

She had always thought the relationship that Paul and Lucy shared was so special. There are so many jokes about how dogs hate delivery men, Stephanie had always wanted the world to see how much her dog and her UPS man cared about each other.

Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. “Paul was ecstatic. He couldn’t believe how cute it looked on her,” she said.

The Heer family wasn’t the only one to honor their UPS driver on Halloween. Several other adorable photos appear on the UPS Dogs Facebook page.

We think Lucy is the absolute cutest though. She and Paul look adorable together! (Lucy is the one with the grey hair around her nose.)


Source: I Heart Dogs

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