Mid-Traffic Citation, Officer McGuire Spins Around, Plunging His Arms Into The Bushes!

Officer McGuire was in the middle of a routine traffic stop when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

He immediately stopped writing the traffic citation in his hand, and instead headed straight over to the median near where he had pulled over.

He rummaged through the brush and leaves for a few minutes before his had emerged holding something tiny and black.

It was a stray kitten. Totally lost beside an extremely busy highway.

The officer gathered her up in his arms, went back to the driver of the car he had pulled over, and told her she was off the hook today and wouldn’t be receiving a ticket. And, it was all thanks to the black fur-ball.

Then he proceeded to get a towel out of the back of his police car and wrap the tiny kitten up snug and warm. When he got back into his car, he tried to get the frightened kitty to relax.

“It’s OK. I know, buddy. It’s OK,” McGuire told the kitten. “I gotta buckle up with ya.”

Officer McGuire’s soothing voice calmed the kitty down, and his video of the incident has since attracted no shortage of attention on social media.

Officer McGuire then called his discovery into the local animal protection agency, and quickly took the stray kitten in and dropped her off.

…at Henrico County Animal Protection, a veterinarian checked the cat out and found no serious injuries or illness.

“The kitten is still in the waiting period where they hold it to see if the owner claims it while they monitor its health and temperament before they can adopt an animal out,” Henrico Police Department told Love Meow.

It shouldn’t take long to find this cute cat a forever home. And, it’s all thanks to a police officer who went out of his way to save her little life.

In a world where we are surrounded with increasingly sad and tragic stories, it’s ones like these that give us hope and makes us smile. Thank you Officer McGuire.

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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Written by Margo Phillips

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