Polo Smells Smoke And Sprints Into Baby’s Room. When Firefighters Rush In, They Can’t Believe Their Eyes

When she lost electricity due to a power outage, Erika Poremski from Maryland lit a few candles and walked outside.

She was only out for a few minutes.

But when she returned, she was stunned to find her house engulfed in flames.

Worst of all, her 8-month old daughter, Viviana, and her 6-year-old pet dog, Polo, were still inside and obviously in grave danger.

Understandably, Erika lost it. As witness Martha Herman told ABC 2 News:

Erika was just screaming ‘my baby, my baby!’ and running up and down the street, and I went over to her right away and she was just, actually kneeling, and praying and screaming.

I just went to hold her, to comfort her.

Of course, Poremski desperately tried to get back into the house, as any good mother would do, but the fire and smoke were simply too heavy.

She suffered burns on her hands as she tried again and again to fight her way into the blaze.

Thankfully, firefighters were soon on the scene and then, doing what heroes do best, they made immediate plans to rescue Viviana and Polo.

They tossed up a ladder, broke a second-floor window and jumped in…and they’ll never forget what they saw.

There was Polo, the black curly-haired dog, his body spread protectively over little Viviana, so as to shield her from the fire.

The faithful animal never left the baby’s side.

Tragically, however, while Viviana survived with some burns, Polo didn’t make it. But he certainly died a hero.

And strangely, Erika says the dog might’ve actually sensed it BEFORE it happened.

She said Polo had been “acting weird all day” and he’d even “had a seizure from anxiety.”

Could he have known danger was coming? Could he have been trying to warn Erika?

Who knows? Many people believe animals have a sixth sense, though predicting the future isn’t often one of them.

Never know, though…at any rate, mother and daughter will live on, all because of one incredibly brave act by one incredibly loyal companion.

RIP Polo! You will never be forgotten!

Sources: NTD TV, CBS News

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