Owner Wants to Euthanize His Paralyzed Dog but a Kindhearted Vet Offers Speedy a Second Chance

As pet parents, most of us understand that when our dogs get sick, it’s our job to help them. Well, poor Speedy’s family never got that memo.

An animal services organization called Sidewalk Specials received a call about a dog that couldn’t walk. When Speedy suddenly lost the ability to use his front legs, his owner simply gave up on him.

Oh no!

Because of Speedy’s disablity, he couldn’t even sit up on his own, so his owners called the vet. But they wern’t trying to get him help, though.

They told them to come get the sweet little boy and have him put to sleep.

So a vet went out to have a look at the dog and bring him back to their clinic.

When he arrived at the clinic, though, Speedy greeted them with a wagging tail and a smile. He was so happy and friendly that the vet quickly concluded that the joyful, sweet pooch deserved a real shot at life!

sidewalk specials

So, instead of putting Speedy to sleep they put him into rehab. It was unlikely that he would make a full recovery, but they all agreed to try.

After all, miracles do happen and Speedy’s life was worth the effort.

Second chance

It wasn’t long before the hard workers at Sidewalk Specials and especially Speedy began to be rewarded for their faith.

It took time and effort, but eventually Speedy began to walk on his own. It wasn’t pretty, but it was progress.

Rescuers used water therapy as well as other forms of physical therapy. After a month, Speedy was running!

sidewalk specials

That led to the next miracle…Speedy was adopted into a loving home.

Furever home!

From the brink of euthanasia to a beloved family pet..maybe Speedy should be renamed Lucky!

Thank goodness someone gave Speedy another chance to recover. It would have been a shame to throw a life away.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to really believe in you to make a miracle happen. Just ask Speedy, he knows.

Check him out in the video below:

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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