Poor Biscuit Was Chained In A Cramped Kennel His Whole Life…Watch The Amazing Footage Of His First Taste Of Freedom

Dogs are supposed to run free.

Like their ancestors the wolves, our furry canine friends love the outdoors; it’s simply instinctual.

To deny them this freedom is to commit a terrible injustice. It’s one of the worst forms of abuse, honestly.

And when it comes to the Siberian Husky, a breed well known for its love of running and playing outdoors, such a crime is even more heinous.

A beautiful Husky named Biscuit and eight other dogs were kept on chains in a terrible kennel with no roof.

They couldn’t get the exercise they needed and were neglected and abused.

Many of the dogs suffered frostbite due to the extreme cold and for Biscuit, who had never been off the leash in his two years on earth, it was a nightmare.

Things definitely looked bleak until…

Dogs Deserve Better founder Amy Hines stumbled across the Kentucky property where Biscuit and his friends were tied up, and her heart broke.

Amy was able to bring each of the dogs back to the Dogs Deserve Better shelter in Virginia and suddenly, Biscuit’s life became a whole lot brighter.

He recovered quickly and when he got his first glimpse of a wide open field, well, that reaction will have you in tears.

Source: Dog Was Chained Up His Entire Life, Gets Second Chance At Happiness by amyc21 on Rumble

On top of which, the shelter soon found out their newly rescued pup was extremely intelligent. He’s not all about looks!

Such a winning combination definitely worked in Biscuit’s favor, too, because he has now found a new loving home.

Source: Incredible transformation of husky rescued from certain death by amyc21 on Rumble

And chances are, they’re gonna let him run and run, whenever he feels like it.

Because that’s exactly what dogs should be able to do. 🙂

Sources: FacebookAnimal Channel

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