Princess Is A Typical Rescue Dog, Except For The Surprising Rescue She Did On Her Own…

Jenny and Jimmy Desmond have spent most of their life helping those less fortunate. Even their dog, Princess, was homeless and hopeless and running out of time in a shelter when they adopted her.

Over the next few years, Princess went with them as they moved to eight different countries. The little family left each of the places they had called home a little better just for having been there.

There is never a shortage of beings in need, no matter where in the world you are. The latest country that has been lucky enough to capture the Desmonds’ kind heart and generous spirit for a while in Liberia.

Soon after arriving in Liberia, the Desmonds were told about the horrible plight of chimpanzees in the area. Many were being killed as a food source, leaving behind babies and dependent adults that had little chance of survival on their own.

The Desmonds decided that something should be done, and they were the ones to do it. So they founded the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue

They had loved Princess since she had come home with them, but they had no idea how invaluable she would become to them in this new endeavor.

You see, as much as the Desmonds could do for the sad little creatures that made their way to their rescue facility, they didn’t realize that Princess could offer something they could not.

One little chimp, in particular, needed her especially bad. Little orphan Rudy arrived at the shelter after he was confiscated by Liberia Forestry Development Authority. The LFDA had confiscated the baby after its mother’s killer was caught trying to sell the poor chimp as a pet.

It was near Christmas time when they showed up at the rescue facility with the sad, sickly little fellow nestled in a box. The man who had saved the baby’s life and brought him to the Desmonds was named Rudolph. So, the Desmonds decided to name the baby Rudolph,after his rescuer and Rudolph the Reindeer as he arrived at Christmastime,” Jenny told The Dodo. They call him Rudy for short.

They weren’t sure that Rudy was going to make it, but he was a tough little guy. In true Christmas miracle style, he thrived under the Desmonds’ tender care. He began to gain strength and he even began to smile up at Jenny when she went to give him his bottle.

There are always baby chimps that need the Desmonds, life is not easy when you’re a Liberian chimpanzee. If the poachers don’t kill you or your parents, it’s likely that a predator will. Rudy was one of the lucky ones that made it to a safe haven.

He didn’t feel all that lucky though. Rudy had plenty of siblings to play with and chatter to. But, although the rest of the babies seemed perfectly happy, he missed the one thing that the Desmonds just couldn’t provide.

Or could they?

What Rudy missed the most in life was his mother. Then one day they introduced Rudy to Princess and it was love at first sight. Rudy bonded with her and she instantly became the mother he had lost so abruptly. They were inseparable.

They ate, slept and played together. Princess teaching Rudy his manners, and Rudy teaching Princess what it was like to be a mother. And both of them sharing a devoted cross-species love that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who visited the Rescue.

They seemed to speak the same language. It was obvious they never had a problem understanding what they each needed from the other.

We’re not sure who benefited most from this unlikely alliance. It’s safe to say that Rudy will grow up to be a better man-chimp because he had such a great mom as a role model. But, Princess got something pretty great out of the deal too. Not every dog has their very own chimpanzee “son” to raise!

May the light of love and peace continue to shine on the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and the Desmonds. And may Rudy and Princess continue to be a blessing to each other, and to everyone who hears their story.

Have you ever seen two happier faces? We should all be so lucky as to find that one someone who needs us…just as much as we need them.

Note: To help Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue care for its orphaned chimps like little Rudy, you can make a donation. You can also follow all the special animals at the sanctuary by following LCR on Facebook.

Source: The Dodo

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