Watch Pumpkin The Funny Bunny Get Splashed In The Bathtub…His Owner Did Not Expect This Hilarious Reaction!


Okay, bunny in a tub.

That right there is worth seeing.

But when that bunny gets involved in a hilarious splash fight with its owner, you’ve got YouTube gold.

I mean, sure, this is plenty funny on its own:

But what happens here tops that, if you can believe it.

A woman decided to put her rabbit, Pumpkin, in the tub because…well, she probably thought it’d be funny.

After all, rabbits, like cats, are self-cleaners, but Pumpkin must’ve gotten a little dirty.

At first, Pumpkin just sort of sat there, not really sure of what he was supposed to do.

That’s when his owner started splashing him, not really expecting the bunny to do much in return.

Oh, but she was wrong.

Pumpkin amped things up and launched into a full-scale – albeit miniature – rapid-fire splash attack you have to see to believe.

He was deadly accurate, too, and the owner just couldn’t stop laughing.

And neither could I.

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