A Terrified Pup Is Stuck In A Storm Drain. Her Rescuers Race Against The Fast Rising Water

A Connecticut homeowner saw a miserable looking dog in his backyard. It appeared to be malnourished and exhausted.

Worried for the pup, he called the Wolcott Dog Pound, and they sent an animal control rescue team out right away.

When they arrived, the sad-looking dog was terrified of them and took off running down a road.

Rescuers followed, but they lost her.

Not about to give up that easily, they continued to search for the poor dog.

They soon found her, and she was in quite a predicament.

In a panic, she had jumped into a storm drain that was full of fast-moving water.

She was about to be swept away.

The storm drain emptied into a nearby reservoir, so they knew they had to work fast to get her out before she drowned or was seriously hurt.

They called the fire department for reinforcement, trying their best to come up with any ideas on how to get her out.

They came up with “some unusual techniques and apparatus,” to get to her, and it worked. Up she came, terrified, cold and wet, and immediately tried to bolt again.

But they held tight.

The blue Mastiff was named Stormy, for obvious reasons, and she was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

The poor dog had been through it; she had been “overbred, was nervous around people, and severely malnourished.”

She’s recovering from her ordeal at the Walcott Dog Pound, and will then be up for adoption.

The local police are also asking for anyone who knows where she came from to contact them at  (203) 879-1414.

Sweet Stormy has been through enough. We hope she gets a wonderful home where she is loved and feels safe, finally.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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