Cops Find Pup Stuck On A Submerged Rock In The River, Astonished When They See His Name Tag…

Police, even ones tasked with protecting small communities, have a lot on their plate. Imagine the kind of demands cops have to shoulder in a city as big as New York!

But even in a city as busy and non-stop as New York, the police take the time to look after even the humblest citizens. That includes the wonderful animals that many New Yorkers call family.

Recently the NYPD received a call about someone in deadly peril. This New Yorker was trapped in the East River. The churning, unforgiving waters of this massive river would no doubt suck the victim under, ending their life. Emergency Services Unite did not hesitate to send one of their finest officers to rescue the victim.

Emergency Services Unite did not hesitate to send one of their finest officers to rescue the victim.It didn’t matter that this victim was a dog.

The dog was stuck, stranded on a submerged rock in the East River. Trapped, terrified, and alone the dog would not have had much hope of getting from the rock to safety. The powerful currents of this major waterway would have surely taken his life.

Seeing the dog’s peril, Officer Patrick Ruppert equipped scuba gear and went into the river to save his life. Not only is this a dangerous act, considering the power of the river, but that water’s pretty filthy!

The NYPD shared photos on their Twitter page of the daring rescue. We are happy to say that both officer and pup made it safely back to dry land! The photos show Officer Ruppert carefully reaching the stranded dog, picking him up gently, and returning to shore.

The story reached Facebook and Twitter users, who expressed their gratitude. According to the dog’s tag, his name was Roger. He was wearing a collar and a leash, which meant this was no stray dog, but a lost friend!

Thanks to social media, the NYPD was able to spread the word of this saved pup. His owner, seeing the posts online, was quick to respond.

“This is my dog, Roger!! Thank you NYPD and Officer Ruppert,” he posted.

Both owner and dog were reunited, thanks to the diligence of the police, both to rescue Roger and get the word out online.

Sometimes the work of police can be grueling. But once in a while, they do something that brings warmth to everyone’s hearts. Especially dog-lovers!

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Written by Adam Casalino

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