Monsters Nail Puppies To Railroad Tracks, Horrified Workers Spring Into Action

You’d think we’d have seen the worst of ways that a human can think of to torture another living being. But then, you read another horrifying story and realize that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Railroad workers walking along a railway minutes ahead of a train were beyond horrified when they came upon a litter of 3-week-old puppies that had been literally nailed to the railroad tracks.

Someone had hammered nails through the puppies’ paws into the wooden ties that hold up the metal rails. If the train had come along, even if the wheels did not actually crush them, the wind and vibration would have likely killed them. At the least terrified them beyond belief.

The kind workers raced against the clock to remove the puppies from their torture and get them to a vet. Hudson Mohawk Humane society took them under their wing and provided the care that was necessary immediately, and for their future.

One of the puppies had a hole in a foot, one lost a few toes, one did not make it through the trauma.

The fourth little guy was the weakest of the bunch that had survived. He had tried to free himself from the pain by chewing at his paw and had literally chewed it off, losing a lot of blood in the process.

They weren’t sure little Hudson would make it. He was tougher than they’d thought. He lived through that night, and then the surgery that was necessary to repair the damage done to the stump of a leg.

Brad Shear, former executive director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society saysIt’s very clear that it’s a cruelty case. This is someone who intentionally did really serious harm to these puppies. Someone that can do that is a very scary person. To do this you have to be heartless.”

People who abuse animals to this extent very often go on to commit similar crimes against humans. The FBI crime base proves that. To date, the perpetrator(s) of this dastardly action haven’t been caught. We should all hope that they are eventually!

The Humane Society put special effort into finding Hudson a special home. Not everyone is up to the task of caring for an amputee dog.

Finally, after a life that seemed like a laundry list of bad luck, the tide turned for little Hudson. A wonderful, caring man named Richard Nash placed an application to adopt him.

Nash took him into his home and did everything he could to erase the past from Hudson’s memory. Hudson still was frightened of some people and had terrible nightmares though.

Hudson also had a tough time getting around sometimes. Missing just a paw sometimes seemed almost worse than missing a whole leg would have been.

He needed help maneuvering his disfigured leg. It was hard to go up the stairs, jump on the furniture and do most of the things that happy healthy pups do. Nash was always there for him, but still, the only place that Hudson could run and play like a normal dog was in his dreams.

Nash decided to do whatever it took to give Hudson the chance to be a normal dog during his waking hours too. So, he took to the internet to search for a solution.

He found that solution in the capable hands of the folks at Plastics Make It Possible where Hudson received a whole new paw. The paw looks more like a brace or a cast for a broken leg instead of being a fake body part.

And Husdon took to it like a baby duck to water. Within seconds he was running around the room with Nash, both of them ecstatic at the change.

Life didn’t change entirely for Hudson though. Learning to use the new paw had a learning curve too. Some actions were still fairly tough to complete. Like getting out of his bed. But, Nash was right there to help him over every obstacle.

Some actions were still fairly tough to complete. Like getting out of his bed. But, Nash was right there to help him over every obstacle.

Then one day Nash came home to find Hudson wagging his tail at him from the middle of the table! Not many parents would be happy their dog jumped on the table.” But, he used his hind legs to get his front paws up on the table and that was a really amazing day. We were crying because we were so happy to see him do that.

Hudson still shied away from some humans and was still having nightmares. So, Nash prepared a plan to get Hudson over some of his fears.

The best way to do that was to be around people that would love and adore him. And what better place for that than to find people who would see Hudson as a hero.

So, off to hospitals, rehab facilities, and schools to spread the word that “you really can do anything.” Looking at Hudson trotting around now with a great big smile on his face, it’s easy to believe that!

In 2015, Hudson was awarded a ‘hero dog’ award at the Hero Dog Awards ceremony by the American Humane Association. He was chosen because of his efforts as a therapy dog and because of the amount of awareness he has brought to animal cruelty.

Nash says, “Just him being there (as a therapy dog) and seeing how happy he is and how well he can walk on his prosthetic and the things he can do even though he has a disability, I believe it gives people the confidence and courage to be able to say, ‘I can do it. If this little 65-pound dog can do it, I think I can do it.”

Watch their heartwarming story:

Sometimes all heroes have to do is show up. That’s certainly true for Hudson. Everywhere he goes he is hailed as a hero. He is a constant reminder that life sometimes has to have a little darkness for us to be able to shine in the light.

Keep shining Hudson. You inspire us all! (You too Mr. Nash! And the wonderful folks at Plastics Possible.)

Source: Gladwire

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