Mom Couldn’t Figure Out How Puppy Kept ESCAPING Crate, Set Up Camera And It’s Going VIRAL!

Most dog owners know that our pets behave differently when we are not with them.

When we leave our lovable pooches alone, we often come home to find toys moved, pillows knocked off beds or couches that the dog is not supposed to be on, or even a trash can overturned with its contents strewn along the floor.

One new puppy momma had a mystery on her hands. She and her husband had recently adopted a Maltese puppy to add to their family which already included a German Shepherd.

As a new puppy, Sophie was put in her crate when her new people would leave the house. But her big brother Twitch was left to roam the house freely.

Each time the couple would leave the house, they would return to find both dogs running around the house. They couldn’t figure out how Sophie was escaping her crate.

After exhausting all possibilities, there was only one thing left to do…set up a hidden camera.

The couple was shocked to see that it was not Sophie who was escaping her crate. She had an accomplice opening it for her.

As soon as the couple leaves, Twitch walks over to Sophie’s crate, pulls off a towel covering the crate and opens it in seconds.

Then Twitch and Sophie happily trot off together to play.

We all know that German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent dogs. Twitch certainly is. Nothing can keep him away from his best pal.

This couple had better come up with a different strategy to contain Sophie or house train her quickly. Because Twitch will no doubt continue to set his buddy free.

Watch the hidden camera footage below.


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