Man Takes Off On 12-Mile Trip Not Realizing Puppy Had Crawled In The Engine!

Dogs are known to get themselves in some pretty tricky predicaments. Jack Russell’s are one of the most mischievous of breeds that seem to get in a little more trouble than most.

That’s what happened to this pup.

The 3-month-old puppy named Betty Boop is let out in the yard a few times to do her business and wander around a little bit for exercise. There wasn’t a lot she could get into, or so they thought.

On one particular day, she escaped and decided to go over to the neighbor’s yard and check things out.

The curious little Jack Russell noticed the Audi sitting in the driveway and went to investigate, and she got a REAL good look. So much so, he ended up jammed inside the engine and couldn’t get out!

The neighbor came out to run an errand and started the car, and then proceeded to pull out of the driveway and make a 12-mile round trip and return home.

When he pulls back into the driveway and stops the engine, he hears something coming from under the hood and pops it open.

There sits the little puppy looking up at him pitifully. She was sitting in a plastic part cover with her head stuck in the engine pipes.

The owner and other neighbors came to help free the puppy, and after removing a lot of engine parts, she was freed and didn’t have a scratch on her!

See the full story in this amazing video. It was a real close call!

Her owner said,  “Apart from being covered in oil and a bit shaky, she was fine.”

After riding in a car engine for 30 minutes, we hope she won’t try that again!
Source: Garagewire

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