Puppy Trapped Under Tons Of Rubble For 3 Weeks, Frantic Rescuers Hold Their Breath Attempting Dangerous Rescue

Puppies can get into some pretty serious situations when left to their own devices. We’ve all read stories about them getting trapped in pipes, falling into wells and just simply getting lost away from their humans.

One puppy in Egypt managed to get itself into so much trouble that it seemed impossible for rescuers to be able to get it out. Literally.

Our story starts with Mariem Taha, a 36-year-old resident of Egypt’s port city Alexandria. While sitting at a cafe she heard the sound of whimpering. The sound was quite unsettling. Someone or something was in great distress.

“It was very upsetting sound so I asked the cafe owner what it was, ” Taha told BBC Trending, “He said that on the previous day some people had a come with a puppy and the puppy had fallen in between the gaps of some stone boulders. The people then abandoned the puppy. The whimpering was very upsetting so I decided to go in search of the puppy.”

She was horrified that anyone could just walk away and leave their puppy behind. She was determined to help, even though the task seemed insurmountable.

“The first three days I could hear the puppy but I couldn’t see her. So I wasn’t sure where to throw food for her, and she may have been scared. By the third day, she was familiar with my voice so she appeared in the gaps. I couldn’t reach for her but I could feed her. I decided to name her Babsy Rock.

Naming the puppy and tossing her food wasn’t enough to save her though. The spaces between the rocks were already barely big enough for the puppy to move. As she grew, her situation was going to become dire.

Any shift in the boulders would mean certain death for it. Taha also feared that she wasn’t getting enough water down to the puppy to keep it alive.

She was unable to enlist help from anyone at the cafe or other shops nearby. She continued to carry the puppy food and water every day. Time was passing quickly by. Soon, it was 3 weeks since the day the puppy had wandered onto the rocks and disappeared into a crevice. Time was running out for a rescue.

Time was passing quickly by. Soon, it was 3 weeks since the day the puppy had wandered onto the rocks and disappeared into a crevice. Time was running out for a rescue.

So, she did the modern day equivalent to putting out smoke signals asking for help.

She put a post on Facebook.

She posted the plight of the puppy on a Facebook group called ‘Save Innocent Souls’. The group was known to be frequented by animal welfare activists. The post requesting aid was met with several people offering to help.

The post requesting aid was met with several people offering to help Taha help the puppy. 

They met at the pile of boulders and began to discuss different plans of action. The first attempt was to send a human through the cracks.

It would be dangerous for a human to try to wriggle between the boulders to get down to the dog, but one volunteer began to attempt to do just that. 


Alas, he just wouldn’t fit. Try as he might, he just wouldn’t fit in the small spaces between the stones. 

They tried to roll away some stones to make a tunnel to the puppy. They were almost impossible to move, and each one they shifted made others shift which they feared could crush the puppy.

Finally, when it seemed that all hope was lost, up rumbled a big piece of earth moving equipment from the local government.

All of the social media attention, coupled with intense lobbying from local animal lovers had finally worked. Local officials had been convinced that helping this puppy to freedom was the right thing to do.

The drama wasn’t over though. The stones still had to be picked up, one by one. And each one that was moved caused the entire pile to shift.

It was laborious and tedious work. Around the clock, they labored to free the puppy from its prison. With every shift of the rocks, Taha’s heart skipped a beat.

And then, suddenly, the last stone was removed from just above the puppy. A volunteer reached in and plucked the puppy out of the darkness. And put it straight into Taha’s arms.

Once he was in her arms, Taha proclaimed loudly that she would never let him go. Rock would be going back home with her to become part of her family.

No one can tell you that we are a nation without hope.” Words from the viral Facebook post in praise of Egyptian animal lovers who acted to save the puppy that was trapped under large stone boulders for more than three weeks.

Just look at the smile on both of those precious faces! Pure bliss.

“Everyone involved in the rescue had worked so hard to make this happen that many of them became emotional. Rock, in the meantime, loved being cuddled and held after all the time she spent underground. She was all smiles!”

The rescuers told Taha of  Dr. Mahmoud Abdelmaksoud, a local vet known to animal rescuers. She took the puppy to Dr. Abdelmaksoud who did a check-up immediately. He deemed Rock incredibly healthy considering the trauma he had endured for over 3 weeks.

Dr. Abdelmaksoud is an incredible man, a hero. Many volunteers call him to check up on the animals they have rescued and he offers his services for free,” says Mau Hamada, who is the founder of one of the animal rescue groups in Alexandria that helped with the puppy’s rescue.

Social media was crucial in the rescue of Babsy Rock. Mariem’s posts on Facebook mobilized a lot of us volunteers and many people pitched in with the rescue. A lot of information is shared on digital platforms so that we can do our work,” Hamada told Trending, “There are dozens of people in Alexandria helping to rescue animals, they either work in self-organized groups like us or individually.

Ignorance seems to be a major contributor to the animal abuse that we see around the world. If only more people would focus on the smiles that come after a daring rescue. Use that positive energy towards educating others on the benefits of having happy, healthy animals in our lives.

Use that positive energy towards educating others on the benefits of having happy, healthy animals in our lives.

So, how is Babsy Rock doing, now that she’s ensconced in her own family? Taha says with a wry smile, “She’s very naughty.”

The smile in her voice makes us believe that she is pretty quick to forgive Rock almost anything.

What a lovely woman, to go to such great lengths to save one abandoned puppy. And what a lucky dog Rock is to have had such a happy ending to his very scary story.

May you both live together happily ever after. (Just stay close to each other and away from crevices and big rocks, please!?)

The full progress of the daring rescue was documented on social media and this gallery has been viewed more than 300,000 times online on the photo-sharing site IMGUR.

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Source: Honest to Paws

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