As His Tiny Heart Stops, Vet’s Last, Desperate Effort Yields A Miracle

Stories abound in the news media about the rising opioid abuse crisis.

More and more people are using and abusing these strong narcotics.

Sadly, it’s not surprising that pets of these drug users may also be affected.

CTV reported about one such dog. He was brought to a veterinarian’s office after ingesting fentanyl. Dr. Walton gave the dog two doses of the drug naloxone, the same drug given to humans who overdose.

Thankfully, the dog’s owner admitted to the vet that the dog had likely ingested a narcotic. This information may have saved the dog’s life by allowing the doctor to treat the dog immediately rather than taking the additional time to figure out what had happened to him.

Dr. Walton said that he believes the dog’s heart was within 15 seconds of stopping when they began administering the lifesaving drug. The puppy responded quickly to the medication and is now out of danger.

The SPCA is reportedly monitoring the situation to make sure that this doesn’t happen to the dog again. It is unclear if the dog is now in the care of his original owner or in a new home.

In the video below, you’ll be glad to see the dog receiving his life-saving treatment and finally getting the love and care he needed. The adorable pup has been released and is recovering well. You can even see him frolicking about in the grass.

What do you think? Should an owner be allowed to keep a pet after such an incident?

Source: CTV News

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