Previously Abused Puppy Gets Adopted, His Reaction To Who Came For Him Will Melt Your Heart

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation. Most of the time, it is not earned. Instead, the bad reputation should go to the people who train these dogs to be aggressive fighters.

It is in the nature of most pit bulls to be very loving and loyal dogs.

That is precisely what makes the story of one pit bull puppy so sad. Instead of being loved and cared for the way he deserved, this three month old pit bull had been severely neglected.

Joey Wagner created a nonprofit animal hospital in Nova Scotia. He heard about the plight of this sweet puppy and offered his assistance.

But when he saw the puppy, he knew that things were much worse than he had thought. The pit bull puppy suffered from the worst case of mange that Wagner had ever seen.

He also had bruises all over his body suggesting significant abuse had taken place.

Wagner took the puppy to a local animal hospital. His physical wounds began to heal, but his emotional scars ran much deeper.

Mojo, as the puppy came to be called, slowly healed emotionally as he received love, support, nurturing and medical care.

As news slowly spread throughout the community about Mojo’s story, adoption requests came flooding in. But Mojo was just too injured to be adopted just yet.

Then the fateful day came when Mojo was ready to be adopted and go to his forever home. By this time, everyone who had been caring for Mojo knew who would adopt him.

But it was left a complete surprise for Mojo.

Then Wagner came around the corner. That’s right. The same man that helped to rescue him and save his life would now be taking him home.

You have never seen a puppy so happy to see his forever human.

Watch below and see this absolutely precious moment for yourself.

Source: Gladwire



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