Ranger Follows Desperate Cries Deep Into The Forest, What He Finds Makes Him Furious

Park rangers in Kansas City’s Longview Lake Park never thought their day would turn so dark recently.

A normal patrol led them down a path that shocked them all.

As they patrolled on a day that should have been like any other, one of them stopped in his tracks.

The other rangers were confused, watching as he strained to hear something and began to pace back and forth.

Then they all heard the same thing – the unmistakable desperate cries of an animal in distress.

The cries were in the distant, and once they got their direction set it was a race through the swampy forest land – the park is more than 4,000 acres – to the source of the cries.

As they grew closer they knew the sound of the animal crying for help.

What they didn’t expect was the danger the animal was facing when they found it.

Shivering and covered in mud, a pup sat in the middle of nowhere with a cinder block tied to his neck.

He wouldn’t last much longer as the cinder block was sinking into the soggy marsh.

The Rangers jumped into action, albeit cautiously. The pup was scared, hungry and unsure of his rescuers.

Rangers, angry beyond belief at why someone would do this to the dog, freed the hapless pup.

Watch their story here –

They cleaned him up, took him to a shelter and got him a good meal.

The pup went from near death to an environment where he was loved on and cared for by everyone. Fear and desperation were replaced with happiness and hope.

Ranger decided to call their rescued pal, “Deputy.” They promised to help him find a forever home as soon as they could.

All in a good day’s work.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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