Cops Rescue 526 Puppies From Puppy Mill, Their Reunion A Year Later Will Warm Your Heart

Sadly, it is not uncommon to see stories on the news or on social media about animals being rescued.

Among the worst stories are those where an incredible number of animals are kept in a relatively small space and not well cared for.

This story is one you have to see to believe. A whopping 526 puppies were rescued from one gigantic puppy mill in Georgia. It had reportedly been in operation since the 1980s.

Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell helped to lead the operation resulting in the saving of all these puppies.

The people running the puppy mill were arrested and later found guilty of 25 charges of animal cruelty. Thankfully, they were sentenced to 25 years in jail.

After their rescue, all of the puppies were taken to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. Thankfully, the entire community stepped up to help after they heard this amazing story.

Every one of the rescued dogs found their forever homes.

As if this story of redemption and second chances were not enough, the story gets even better. Those who adopted the formally abused animals were so thankful for their pup’s second chance that they continued to get together.

Little Things reported that “on the one year anniversary of their rescue, the loving owners of these amazing rescue babies all got together for a special party honoring everyone who helped save these beautiful lives!

What an amazing story of love, rescue, and thankfulness to all those heroes who sacrifice day in and day out to ensure that puppies and other animals are safe, loved and that that they find their forever homes.

This video chronicles the story of rescue and redemption for these puppies. It shows you the deplorable conditions in which the puppies were found, the day they were all adopted and the reunion that occurred a year later.

Every puppy mill such as this one deserves nothing less than to be destroyed. And those who choose to abuse and neglect these precious animals deserve nothing less than jail time.

Thankfully, justice was served in this case and all 526 puppies are now getting a second chance at life.

Source: Little Things


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