Dying Rescue Dog Shocks Caretakers When They Realize His Secret…And It Leads To A Miracle!

A visit with your best friend is sometimes all that’s necessary to help get you back on the road to recovery. A pat on the back or a hug from someone you love is sometimes better than medicine for healing whatever ails you.

We all sleep better, eat better and just generally live better when we do so with the companionship of someone we love. For some of us, that love becomes so bonding that we literally cannot sleep, eat or live without the touch of that special someone.

The Emergency Animal Medical Technicians from the Arizona Humane Society got a call recently that was different than any other they had gotten in their long history of rescuing animals in need.

At first it didn’t seem that much out of the ordinary. An owner wanted to surrender their dog, Jericho.

He was showing symptoms of a potential illness that they were neither financially nor physically capable of dealing with. They called and asked the team to please come pick him up.

When the team arrived, they found a very sick, malnourished German Shepherd, lying listlessly on the floor. They’ve seen a lot of things. This was sad, but nothing they hadn’t seen dozens of time.

They approached the dog, speaking softly and reassuring him that help was on the way and soon they’d have him feeling good as new. That’s when they realized that Jericho wasn’t alone.

Snuggled into his fur was a tiny chihuahua. The owners explained that Jefe (Spanish for ‘the boss’) and Jericho were quite bonded. They feared that they would both mourn if they were parted.

So, in one of their first “two-for-one specials,” the team left with not the one dog they had expected, but two.

They had only prepared to bring one dog, so had only one crate. But, that didn’t matter. Jefe lived up to his name by refusing to let Jericho out of his sight. Or touch.

Animal rescuers were surprised to find a sick, malnourished, tick-infested German shepherd, Jericho, with a small Chihuahua lying on top of him when they arrived at the scene. It was then clear that the two were extremely bonded and would have to be adopted together,”

They snuggled comfortably together in what rescuers would soon call their “signature sleeping position.” Jericho in whatever position he could find that was comfortable and Jefe curled comfily into his fur. Usually with his little “arms” outstretched in a comforting hug for the bigger dog.

When Jericho went through some unpleasant part of testing at the hospital, Jefe was right there, offering his best friend support.

“From the moment they were rescued, it was clear that Jefe and Jericho were best friends,” Ashliegh Goebel, from the shelter, told The Dodo in a statement.

Goebel says despite their bond, the dogs have very different personalities. “Jefe is kind of bossy, but Jericho is so gentle with him when they play.”

Rescuers see this kind of bonding a lot in dogs that find each other in a shelter situation. They grasp onto a friend that becomes a safety net to guard against the fears that being homeless brings about.

It’s a little more uncommon to find dogs this bonded in a normal living situation. Considering Jericho’s condition, it’s possible that their past home may not have been a perfect living situation. This could have prodded the two into becoming such permanent bff’s.

The medical crew found nothing seriously wrong at first check. Jericho seemed to only be suffering from lethargy and lack of appetite from numerous ticks that covered his body. The emergency team quickly and carefully removed all of the ticks and treated him for the bites.

When he didn’t perk up after the intial treatment, the veterinarian decided that Jericho had contracted tick fever from all of his “unwanted friends.” He didn’t respond to treatment for tick fever either, however, so he went back for a more in-depth checkup.

After a lot of testing had been done, Jericho began getting treatments for Valley Fever, a disease caused by a fungus called Coccidioides. You get it from inhaling the spores of the fungus.

Left untreated, the disease is usually fatal, but Jericho is responding well to treatments so is expected to fully return to good health within the next few months.

He and Jefe were placed recently with someone who understands the treatments necessary for Jericho to beat his disease, and was willing to carry through with them. She also respects the special bond the two have for each other and was happy to promise to keep them together forever.

As you can see, they are enjoying being out of a kennel and into a home where they are loved and adored. As much as a dog needs its BFF at his side, he also needs a loving human!

If you’re interested in adopting a set of “pre-bonded” dogs you may be in luck. This happens more frequently than you might think. Just check with your shelter and tell them to put you on a list. Sometimes it’s more difficult to place a “two-for-one special” so you just might be getting a call sooner than later.

We are so grateful that this adorable duo found their special place in the world. Jericho’s life will be tougher with his permanent health issues. But, he has a best friend by his side and a new human who loves him. We should all be so lucky!

Source: The Dodo

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