The Vet Rushed To Save A Starving Dog, But She’s Not A Dog!

There are certain times of the year, usually around holidays, when some pet adoption programs caution people about adopting.

They don’t want to see people adopting an animal just because it’s popular or cool at the time or at the specific time of year (like a black cat at Halloween).

It is important to thoroughly understand the needs of any pet that you plan to adopt.

This is the story of a special pet who was adopted without such information. Her owner likely thought it would be cool to own her, but he clearly didn’t understand her special needs.

Rescue officials were called by a Los Angeles resident after she spotted a dog in distress. She was skinny and bloody and obviously fearful of humans.

The woman who called for help was afraid to approach the dog, but she did take pictures of it to give to the rescue officials.

The woman was afraid to approach the dog because of her looks. She looks somewhat like a wolf.

Rescuers soon realized that the woman was right. This sweet animal the rescuers named Julia is part dog and part wolf.

Wolf dogs can be dangerous if not properly cared for and approached.

Julia was so fearful of her rescuers that it took them a long time and a lot of treats for her to even let them approach her.

“She had inflammation all over her body. She was bleeding a lot. Puss was running out of her wounds, and she was just skin and bones under her fur,” a rescuer said.

Her paws were incredibly swollen.

Julia wore a rope around her neck suggesting that someone had tried to keep her.

Clearly, they didn’t know how or didn’t care to learn how to care for such a special wolf dog as Julia.

Julia was in such bad shape when first brought in for care that even water hurt her skin. Yet she remained calm and loving.

Rescuers believe this was likely the first time in her life that Julia had experienced the love and care that she deserved.

Julia is making significant progress in her recovery, but she still has a long way to go.

She’s not eating enough and her immune system is weakened from all of the abuse, neglect and trauma she’s experienced.

When Julia is well enough, she will be transferred to another shelter that has two other wolf dogs. The hope is that the three will be able to provide companionship for one another.

Stories like Julia’s illustrate the need for pet owners to understand what it takes to care for a specific pet.

Some breeds of dog require more care than others. Special needs pets require more care than those without such needs.

And some species of pets require much more care than others. We owe it to the animals in our care to take care of them by meeting their unique needs.

Source: Animals Daily

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