When Rescuers Find Abused Bear, She’s Acting Strangely. They Look Down And Can’t Believe Their Eyes

What some people do to innocent animals is so sick, it’s beyond comprehension.

Wild animals especially must have at least some measure of freedom.

They must be treated with respect and kindness.

But obviously, not everyone agrees with that simple maxim; in fact, some ignore it entirely for their own selfish gain.

For example, do you have any idea what they’ve been doing to black bears in Vietnam?

They’ve been capturing Asian Black Bears and putting them in what they call “bile farms.”

The name alone is enough to give you chills but when you see what they actually do to these bears, well…

You’ll be outraged.

Four Paws has teamed up with the Vietnamese government to rescue bears from these captive environments, which is a very good thing.

“Bile bears” have a needle inserted into their stomachs every day, so the “farmers” can harvest bile from the gallbladders.

It’s part of a traditional Chinese medicine and though bear bile has been banned in Vietnam since 1992, demand remains high.

The Vietnam government is trying to stop it now, and organizations like Four Paws is helping.

Recently, they came across a poor bear named Hai Chan that had been held prisoner for over a decade.

And her condition was just deplorable.

As it turns out, Hai Chan’s front paws were completely gone.

It seems “bear paw wine” is another traditional Chinese antidote and so, the bear’s abusers did the unthinkable.

It was heartbreaking when rescuers found her; she couldn’t even stand without her paws and had to hold the metal bars of her cage to keep herself up.

She was kept in that cage during the entire course of her terrifying ordeal, and was even denied interaction with other bears.

But thankfully, Hai Chan and the other two captive bears are now in good hands.

After being treated, Four Paws plans to release the bears onto 10 acres of land; a brand new habitat they should enjoy.

There will be trees to climb, food to forage for, etc, and it’ll be like a training session for these animals who have never known freedom.

It’ll be a battle but at least Hai Chan and her friends are on the long road to rejuvenation and redemption.

Bear bile? Bear paw wine?

…it’s so crucial that it’s worth destroying an animal’s life?

No. And we should all thank the tireless rescue workers and the Vietnamese government who agrees that it has to stop.

We must protect our furry friends with whom we share this planet!

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