Rescuers Find Crying Dog Clinging Inside A Well — Jaws Drop at What Happened Next

Our furry friends often run into accidents outside the house. Today, we’re talking about a dog that found herself in one giant heap of trouble — down a well with no hope for escape.

Doggy in a well

There are all sorts of pitfalls for dogs — wild animals, busy streets, things they should never try to eat, etc.

And sometimes, there are literally pitfalls.

It’s not uncommon for pets to fall into well. However, getting them out is incredibly difficult without expensive and specialized equipemnt.

No thumbs!

Not only are wells deep and narrow, but pets don’t have grasping hands or thumbs. Without those, they can’t grab a hold of anything that might help them.

Like a rope, for example.

But one special pet wasn’t about to let that stop her!

Rescuers heard crying and splashing coming from a well and when they looked in, they spotted a very wet, very scared dog.

They knew they needed to act fast, so they dropped a rope, hoping against hope that it would work.

Hold on baby girl!

The dog can’t grab with its paws, no, but it can grasp with its teeth!

And that’s what she did. It took a few tries — ten to be eact — but the little baby got herself out of that horrible well.

That’s right, on the tenth try, the dog managed to hold the rope in its teeth long enough to be pulled free of the dangerous well.

Onlookers were impressed. One said:

That’s one smart dog, My dog would have just looked at me with a ‘come get me look’ if I lowered a rope.

Another added that none of his three dogs would’ve even had the sense to try biting the rope.

Yes, it’s true, some breeds are smarter and more inventive than others.

But this one really takes the cake, doesn’t it? With the help of a determined rescuer, she’s now free and clear.

Watching this brave and wonderful dog is enough to make you remember it’s important never to give up — no matter how hard things get.

Well, I could watch that over and over again. 😉

Source: We Love Animals

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