Rescuers Get A Call About A Puppy In Trouble, When They Realize Where She Is They Scramble Out The Door

Despite their vicious reputation, pit bulls are among the most loving and loyal of dog breeds. These precious pooches love to be near the people they love, showering them with affection

But sometimes people abuse pit bulls, training and encouraging violence. Sometimes, people fear them simply because of their ignorance and the reputation that pit bulls have.

Then there are some people who understand these sweet dogs and whose hearts reach out to this particular breed.

Summer can be a particularly tough time on all dogs. The heat and humidity can weigh on a dog just like they do people.

It is important that dog owners take special precautions to care for their dogs during these dog days of summer (no pun intended).

Among the most dangerous places for dogs during the summer is our cars. Pet owners love taking their dogs with them when they go out, but leaving them in the car while you go in a store that does not allow dogs can be much worse for the dogs than simply leaving them home alone would have been.

Even when the temperature outside seems rather temperate, the temperature in the care can be as much as 40 or 50 degrees hotter than the outside air.

This is too hot for most dogs to survive. In fact, 16 states have laws that specifically allow people to break into a car if they see a dog left there who they believe is in danger.

The Riverside Animal Control Department in California has seen plenty of dogs suffering in such conditions. Office Morris got a call one day about a dog left in a car in a parking lot.

She arrived to find a white Impala with its windows cracked about one inch on each side. Many pet owners think that cracking the windows in this way helps to prevent the dog from overheating, but this is not the case.

When Officer Morris approached the car, she found a pit bull puppy about eight to ten weeks of age. Her supervisor soon arrived on the scene. The pair were able to check the temperature inside the car. It was an unbearable 133 degrees inside the car.

And the poor puppy was literally dying from the heat exposure.

The dog was rescued as quickly as possible and rushed to a local veterinarian for assistance. Her chances did not look good. The first thing the vet did was give her a bath.

Water is one of the quickest ways to bring down a dog’s temperature. Then she was given a fan and as much water as she wanted to continue to cool down her body temperature.

With the quick response of Officer Morris, her supervisor and the staff at the veterinary hospital, this precious pit bull amazingly suffered no long-term side effects. Her life was saved.

And what of her owner? He apologized over and over again for what he had done. For his negligence, he was forced to pay a meager $140.

That amount should have been much more considering the life-threatening danger in which he placed the pit bull puppy.

As we enter the final six weeks or so of summer, remember to take all necessary precautions to ensure that your dog does not have to go through the turmoil that this one did, or worse, to ensure that your dog’s survival.

Even if you want to take them with you, do not do it. While you may want to be with one another, the safest place for your dog to be is at home.

If you do have to take your dog with you, do not leave him or her in your car. Instead, go places that allow dogs or make sure that someone in your party stays in the car with the dog and the AC running.

If it is too hot for you in the car, then it also too hot for your dog who is wearing a fur coat!

And do not forget additional dangers in hot weather. Your dog’s paws can also suffer in hot weather. Like car internal temperatures can be so different from the outside temperature, so too can outside air temperatures be dramatically different from the temperature of hot asphalt.

In fact, asphalt can be as much as forty to fifty degrees hotter than the air temperature. This occurs because the dark color of the asphalt absorbs much of the sun’s heat and radiant energy.

Check out this video and see this puppy’s rescue. And remember the dangers that the heat poses for your dog as you and your dog both enjoy these summer weeks.

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