Rescuers Rush To Help Donkey Stuck In Flood, Look At The Hilarious Way He Said Thank You

Floods are hard on everyone involved, including animals.

Indoor pets can’t get trapped if they aren’t taken when the family moves to higher ground, and farm animals can drown if they are abandoned. It’s most often just too difficult to move a large animal in an emergency.

The people in this story have a donkey, and they refused to leave it behind. It was already in chest deep flood waters, and they feared if the water got any deeper he’d be swept away by the current.

They put a flotation device around the donkey’s neck and used a rope to pull him out of the water. The donkey didn’t put up a fight seemingly knowing that everyone was trying to save him.

He was exhausted when he was pulled out and took a moment to catch his breath. Rescuers calmed him while he rested.

After a few minutes the donkey caught his breath and sat up. His reaction to the rescuers certainly showed his appreciation.

He broke out in a huge smile that cracked the rescuers up!

He continued to show how grateful he was by happily posing with the rescuers while still smiling away.

He was taken to a dry stable where he was put under a heat lamp to get him warmed up while enjoying some oats.He was back to his old self in no time.

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