Rescuers Never Thought Two-Legged Puppy Mill Victim Would Find A Permanent Home, Then An Angel Appears

Life in a puppy mill is harsh on dogs.

These mills drive dogs to act abnormally. Life in a cramped caged is often fatal, and for those that survive, the rest of their lives are nothing short of difficult.

A puppy dubbed “Nubz” survived a puppy mill, but was scarred for life.

His mother chewed off his rear paws. Rescuers believe she did this because of stress and lack of experience as a mom.

All his siblings are believed dead.

“Puppy mills typically have a lot of caged animals. They don’t have a lot of access to moving around,” Laura Magruder, Nubz’s veterinarian at Evergreen Veterinary Hospital in Salem, Oregon, told a television news station. “We don’t know if it was the extra stress of the puppy mill or maybe she just wasn’t ready to be a mom, but she ended up taking it out on her puppies, unfortunately.”

Nubz was fortunate to be rescued from the puppy mill. Rescuers, veterinary staff and his foster mom provided the care he need to start his recovery.

But Nubz needed a permanent home.

His adoption information was posted on social media.

2800 miles away, Jim Havlinek was quite happy in his life, being owner to 2 dogs.

Then he caught a glimpse of a video online of Nubz tackling his physical therapy.

Havlinek couldn’t get the resilient pup out of his mind. He decided to fill out his adoption application and was approved.

Now, he just had to pick up Nubz – driving from his home in Oregon all the way across the country to Pennsylvania.

Havlinek didn’t blink and piled into his RV for the summer trek.

Nubz continues to improve in his new home, and Havlinek makes sure his now 10-month-old puppy has all he needs to pursue health and happiness. Havlinek pays for expensive hydrotherapy sessions and Nubz was fitted with a new set of $3,000 custom prosthetics.

Guy Drives Across The Country To Adopt A VERY Special Dog

Nubz was born in a puppy mill, and he lost two of his feet there. But he’s worked SO hard to get better, and now he’s ready to start a whole new life! Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, his foster mom is introducing him to his new dad, who saw a video of him and decided to drive ALL the way across the country to pick him up and take him home.

Posted by Comeback Kids: Animal Edition on Friday, September 29, 2017

The cost and responsibility of caring for a disabled dog is all the more rewarding for Havlinek. He enjoys watching Nubz run, play and have fun just like other puppies.

Havlinek is working to have Nubz trained as a therapy dog to inspire wounded veterans with his own story of survival.

The story of Nubz is so heartwarming that he has his own social media fan page, “The Life of Nubz.”

Source: I Heart Dogs

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