Rescuers Tell Shelter Owner That Little Lucy Has Died, But That Lie Saved Her Life…

Lying and stealing aren’t usually things we condone. Most certainly we don’t applaud the actions. We are all taught from an early age to never tell a lie. We have seen firsthand time and again that lying almost always will come back to haunt you.

Sometimes though, there can be an exception to almost any rule. Especially  when you are dealing with someone’s life at stake here. A life that depends on you being able to lie and steal and not get caught.

That’s what the staff members at an Egyptian animal shelter decided when they wanted to save a special dog’s life. They were willing to do whatever it took…even if that included lying and stealing.

Little Lucy was owned by the owner of their shelter property. The staff had watched since she was a baby as her life became more and more miserable. The tiny pit bull girl trembled when anyone spoke to her and she gobbled any treat down with the velocity that only those who have been truly hungry can manage.

They knew the property owner was seriously abusing her, but they were helpless to do anything to help her.

The staff was afraid to say anything to anyone about Lucy’s plight because their words would put their entire shelter in danger. They knew their landlord would not hesitate to toss them from his property. So, they kept quiet, for the most part, and helped Lucy when they could.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone who makes a profit from those helping unwanted animals could be so heartless to an animal of his very own. But, that is exactly what this one cruel man did.

Finally, his abuse went beyond shouts, starvation and the normal beatings. He had beaten her so often and so severely that her skin was infected. Then, one day he kicked little Lucy so hard that he broke her jaw. Then he did nothing to fix it. Nor would he allow the shelter staff to do anything to help her.

They finally decided they simply had to do something to help her, or she would die. So, when he told the staff he was going to be gone for a few days, they sprang into action. They contacted the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation folks. Together, they came up with a quick plan to hustle Lucy out of Egypt.

Their plan was to simply tell the owner when he returned that Lucy had died during his time away and they had disposed of the body. They were only a little surprised when he never seemed to even notice that she was missing.

The shelter had to be very careful when getting the dog [off the property],” Lauren Connelly, SNARR’s foster coordinator, told The Huffington Post. “If they made the man mad, then the shelter couldn’t exist” — which would put all the animals under their care at risk.

So, under cover of nightfall when the house was empty, Lucy was spirited away. She was immediately handed off to a volunteer traveler who took Lucy with them as excess baggage on a flight to New York.

Finally, after days of traveling, Lucy arrived in Philadephia where her life began to be turned around. She was so terrified it took a lot of coaxing and tempting soft food to get her to even come out of her crate.

When she did, she was still terrified and broke the SNARR workers hearts with the emotional proof of her extensive abuse. To say nothing of the physical proof.

The smell of [Lucy’s] infection would turn your stomach, it was awful,” Connelly told HuffPost. “Her jaw was so painful, she couldn’t eat.” They had to make dog food soup so she could lick it up with her tongue.

The vet who cared for Lucy as soon as she arrived confirmed the suspicion of her abuse. “The vet said that the jaw was broken in two places,” Connelly said — and the breaks appeared to be the result of blunt force. “She was either kicked or hit with something strong like a brick.”

Definitely something beyond any possible “accidental” injury. Someone had meant to do damage to her. And they had definitely succeeded.

Lucy still wasn’t out of the woods, even though she had escaped her horrifying life. It took months of antibiotics, jaw reconstruction surgery and a lot of love to knit her body and soul back together.

Finally, Lucy was ready to look for a foster home so she could learn firsthand how much better life is when someone loves you.

When SNARR first posted about Lucy with a request for a foster, they explained her special needs. While Lucy was now a happy and healthy 1-year-old pup, she did still have some emotional issues. As you would expect considering the life she had led!

Something to be aware of is that she is timid, especially around adult males (being abused by a man, this is not surprising),” SNARR workers explained in a Facebook post last week. “She does not become aggressive, but withdraws acting timid, shy, and hiding.”

Connelly says that once Lucy warms up to you, she becomes the sweetest, most loving animal you could ever hope to meet. She gets so affectionate in fact that her nickname at the shelter is “Licky Lou.”

Lucy enjoyed life for a while in her foster home. Then the perfect family applied to adopt her and were approved. They are busy making each other happy now, and enjoying every new day together!

What a lucky little dog. Although her life didn’t start that way, it sure ended up with her living under a lucky star. From faking her death to finding a new life with a loving family, Lucy had quite a story. Luckily, one that has a happily ever after ending.

We are so happy for Lucy that her story is one that ends with “and they lived happily ever after.” May she continue to enjoy the good life that she so richly deserves.


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