Rescuers Try Hopelessly To Save This Horse, Now Look What Happens Behind Her!

It is heartbreaking to see an animal in distress. Sometimes it happens naturally, sometimes it is an accident, and tragically, sometimes it happens at the negligence of people.

In a small town called Dagua in southwest Columbia, authorities received reports of an animal in such distress that his life was in imminent danger.

A horse had fallen into a machine used for crushing rocks called a sand grinder. She was trapped in the water used by the machine.

No matter how hard he tried, the horse’s efforts to escape his trap only made things worse and made her weaker. Hope was fading.

The horse was sinking, its head repeatedly falling under the water.

Rescuers managed to get ropes around her head and neck. But the frightened animal resisted as he feared for her life.

Rescuers managed to get ropes around her head and neck. But the frightened animal resisted as he feared for her life.

One rescuer bravely swam in the danger with the horse as others tried to calm her.

Then together, they all pulled and coaxed the horse out of the water.

As she finally emerged from his bondage and sure death, the horse paused for a moment and then quickly rose to her feet.

The loving and grateful animal remained skittish for only a moment before he let someone near to her. Then she walked off on her own power.

She could have easily died. But these brave men would not let that happen.

They risked their own safety to ensure that this majestic creature survived. And not only that, she came out of it without a scratch on her at all.

Watch the miracle!


En el marco de la ejecución del sistema integral de seguridad rural, y gracias a un oportuno llamado de auxilio, logramos evitar que este juguetón amigo perdiera su vida en una trituradora de arena del municipio de Dagua en el Valle del Cauca.

Posted by Policía Nacional de los Colombianos on Monday, December 7, 2015

Source: Honest To Paws



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