Rocket Is Soon To Be Euthanized For Being ‘Over-Hyper’, Then He Reveals A Special Secret That May Save His Life!

My grandmother, when talking about the fact that there is someone for everyone used an old saying “There’s a lid for every pot.”

That is true when it comes to dogs finding the home they are supposed to be in too.

One high-energy Border Collie mix in a Sacramento, California shelter was running out of time to find his “lid.” His energy level was so high that most families that looked at him moved quickly on to a more easily-manageable pet.

Border Collies are notorious for having an enormous amount of energy. They were bred to herd farm animals. Without a job, they tend to get bored. And, as we all know, a bored dog can be a destructive dog.

This can be a little too much for an ordinary home that doesn’t have all day to work with a pet to make sure he isn’t getting bored. A Border Collie also demands a great deal of exercise to burn off some of that overwhelming energy.

As family after family passed him by, he was nearing the day that he was to be euthanized. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (NDSDF) heard about the dog and knew that Border collies make terrific search and rescue dogs.

They decided to give him a chance. He was taken to a testing facility to see if he showed a talent for the work. Unfortunately, his reprieve appeared to have been shortlived when the dog the NDSDF had named “Rocket” failed his first test. He was slated to be returned back to the shelter.

But, Andrea Bergquist, the volunteer who had tested him, decided to adopt him herself. With the help of her husband and their other search and rescue dogs, Rocket passed the test with flying colors the second time. He was now officially a National Disaster Search and Rescue Dog in training.

Rocket then began the intense training necessary to join the best of the best. He was eventually paired with Michael Stornetta, an engineer with the Windsor Fire District in California.

After a long and intense training period, in February 2015, Rocket and Stornetta were certified. Finally, they could do their part to work in disaster zones. They were placed with an Emergency Management Agency task force that was based in Oakland.

Rocket and Stornetta were deployed together last year after a plane crash in Santa Rosa, California.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, who do you think was on the front lines rarin’ to get to work? That’s right. Rocket and his buddy Stornetta.

Their job was to find live people who were buried under rubble or other debris brought in by the high waters and to make sure that no one was left behind.

The shelter where Rocket was discovered is so proud that they were able to help Rocket find the lid for his particular pot.

I think it’s just a testament that, just because an animal ends up in the shelter doesn’t mean that they are an animal that someone doesn’t want or that they don’t have a lot to give to the community,” said Dawn Foster, a spokeswoman for the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, from where Rocket was adopted.

Rocket proved his worth beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thanks so much to the people who recognized his potential and worked hard to put it to work.

And thanks to NDSDF for giving a chance to shelter dogs that may not have any other hope for a chance at life. The job you do together is so heartwarming to see. Thank you.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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