The Hilarious Moment Rocky The Sheepdog Brings Friends To Dinner, Shocked Mom Flings Food Everywhere!

I would have been shocked too!

Hey, it takes a lot of practice to become an effective sheep-herder.

Owners train their dogs for many months and during that span of time, mistakes are made.

Though perhaps no novice sheepherding mistake is funnier than this:

A 7-month-old Border Collie named Rocky is training for his career as a sheepdog in Devon, England.

Owner Rosalyn Edwards has been working with Rocky and evidently, things are going along well.

But one day, Rosalyn is in the kitchen when she hears a strange sound that causes her to turn around…

And what she sees takes her breath away.

There are nine sheep in her kitchen!

As it turns out, her husband and son had forgotten to close the gate and the young sheepdog-in-training figured he’d show off his skills.

Except instead of leading the escaped sheep back to the pen, Rocky led them straight into Rosalyn’s kitchen.

Said the stunned owner:

I thought it was funny at the time, but then there was quite a lot of wee, poo and mud everywhere.

It took me a little while to clean it all up.”

Well, yeah.

Then came the task of getting the sheep out of the house and back into the pen, which took some time.

As for Rocky, the proud pup clearly needs a little more fine-tuning. Added Rosalyn:

Rocky did look quite pleased with himself, but he’s going to need more training.

He brought a whole new meaning to ‘bringing the sheep home’.

The family should probably lock the doors until Rocky gets things right.

Otherwise, the flock could end up in the bedroom next!

Source: I Heart Dogs

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