Everyone Made Fun Of Little Romeo Because Of His Looks, But He Got The Last Laugh…

Most people adopt pets because of the companionship they provide. The love and comfort a dog or cat can bring into a home is life-changing.

Some people, though, may not appreciate an animal for who it is. They look at its exterior and are turned off. Because it is not “picture perfect,” they neglect the charming friend they are on the inside.

That is most certainly the case for this cat in Spain. Born to a large litter, his siblings were quickly snatched up by eager families. But not this guy. Most people passed him by. They were put off by this kitten, not willing to appreciate him for who he was.

Why was that? Because he was “too ugly.”

Romeo the cat was born with a deformity that sadly made his noise misshapen. His eyes were also set wide apart. Overall, he looks pretty weird. Compared to most cats, he is an ugly duckling to be sure.

Because of this, nobody wanted to adopt him. It looked like he would be without a home, deprived of the love and care all living things deserve.

That’s when Santuario Compasion Animal stepped in! This rescue shelter was on their way to pick up a few new animals that needed help when they learned about poor Romeo.

As they said, “They told us nobody wanted him because he was too ugly. But for us Romeo is a lovely little kitty who likes to play like the rest of the cats, and its differences make it special.”

This rescue shelter immediately adopted Romeo. Knowing that most families might not want an usually-looking cat, they decided to keep him for themselves. And, as they were pleased to find out, he is the most-loving animal they’ve ever known.

Immediately he settled into his new home at the shelter. He became a supportive and affectionate friend to everyone there—even the other animals. Often the shelter owners find Romeo hanging out with sick animals, including one chicken who needed a friend!

Now that Romeo is fully grown, he’s become a fixture of the shelter. While his face is still unique, he’s grown a luxurious ginger mane, that would be the envy of any lion!

Romeo is a watchful guardian of the shelter, who shows love and friendship to everyone there. The owners wouldn’t know what they’d do without Romeo’s presence. They’re thankful that this “ugly” cat came into their lives.

If you’re interested in discovering more about this special cat, you can follow Romeo on Instagram!

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Source: LoveMeow

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Written by Adam Casalino

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