This Little Terrier And Rottweiler Mated…You Have To See The Puppies!

We all take notice when we see odd couples. A tall and short couple. An old and young couple. A supremely attractive and rather nerdy couple.

We can’t help but wonder how those two ended up together. It’s true in the animal world as well. Just take a look at these two pups and see for yourself.

A West Highland terrier named Joey and a Rottweiler named Zara live in the same home.

They’ve always been close. But recently they became closer than their person thought possible. The unlikely pair, a giant Rottweiler and small terrier, mated with one another.

Their unlikely union resulted in a pregnant Rottweiler. Soon a litter of 11 puppies arrived.

Their breed has been called Wotties. All puppies were born happy and healthy.

The dogs’ owner Teresa Patterson was completely surprised by her dogs’ romance.

“I was completely shocked, I didn’t think nature would let this happen but at some point, it did. The puppies have a lovely temperament like their parents,” Patterson said.

“They are high maintenance as they want attention all the time. One of the puppies, Sparkie, which our son is having, follows me everywhere I go. But this won’t happen again – Joey will be going to the vet’s soon.”

Zara is more than twice the size of Joey. One is black and the other white. One is sleek and the other fluffy.

One has floppy ears and the other perky ears. That leaves one to wonder what these Wotties look like.

The Wotties are currently a bit smaller than their father with ears like their mother’s. Their coloring is also closer to their mother’s coloring. But their fur is unique.

It’s sleek in some places and a bit fluffy in others. Without a doubt, these unlikely puppies are absolutely adorable!

What unlikely animal couples have you encountered? We’d love to hear about them!

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