Roxy Was Picked Up For Wandering The Streets, Then They Notice The Alarming Note On His Collar

Poor baby…

Most of us love animals will all our hearts. That’s why we welcoming these furry friends into our homes. Be they cats or dogs, or other creatures, most people adore their pets and treat them as well as their own family.

But sometimes, tragically, a person cannot continue to support their pet. Circumstances arise that make caring for an animal a difficult challenge.

When this happens, it’s important that the pet is placed with a new, loving home. If that can’t be arranged, then the animal can be moved to an appropriate shelter.

But that’s not what happened to this sweet Jack Russell Terrier in Auckland. The local ASPCA was greeted by someone, who found this little guy roaming the streets. Without a home or owner, the Good Samaritan thought it best to place him with this shelter.

The dog was found running around shops in the local community of Uxbridge in Howick. When the ASPCA tried to learn where the dog came from, and who might his owners be, they found a tag attached to his collar with this heartbreaking note:

“Hi, my name is Roxy. My owner can’t look after me. Can you?”

Posted by SPCA Auckland Centre on Monday, September 11, 2017

The handwriting and penmanship of the note puts in mind a young child, but that might not be the case. Suffice it to say, this owner had to let Roxy go, even if they didn’t want to. They wanted him to go to a new home. Sadly, they released him into the wild, rather than placing him at a shelter.

Why would someone do this? They were probably scared. They probably didn’t want to go to a shelter and have to deal with answering those tough questions about why they had to say goodbye to their pet.

ASPCA Auckland is currently looking for information about Roxy and her owner. If this person is facing a tough situation, they’d rather help out both human and pet, rather than only helping the pet. If they can make sure her owner is taken care of, in addition to reuniting them with Roxy, that’s a win-win for everyone.

They intend to keep any information they receive confidential, to protect the person or persons. If they cannot find Roxy’s owner in due time, she will eventually be made available for adoption. But hope endures that Roxy will be reunited with her original owner and both can get the help they need!

If you happen to be in the Auckland area and can help, but sure to visit their Facebook page.

Let’s make sure both Roxy and her family are safe!

Source: iHeartDogs

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