Rescuers Find Little Sam Tied To A Fence To Suffocate In The Stifling Heat, Shocked When They See What’s In His Fur

What some people can do to innocent animals is just loathsome.

Actually, it’s beyond loathsome. It’s just unthinkable.

Pet rescuers find animals in horrendous situations every day and thankfully, they save many pets on the verge of death.

Sam is one such animal who managed to survive, thanks to some dedicated rescuers who refused to let him die.

Sam was tied to a fence behind a dingy apartment; then his owners left him in the stifling heat to suffocate.

A passerby spotted the poor pet suffering and at first glance, he actually thought Sam was dead.

But when he got close, he realized the dirty poodle still had some life in him!

So the Good Samaritan quickly got Sam free and took him to the nearest vet, who directed him to the team at Florida Yorkie Rescue.

But by the time the kindhearted stranger got the dog there, the team feared it was too late…

Sam was barely clinging to life.

He was completely blind, malnourished and clearly dehydrated. And that wasn’t all.

When his rescuers looked close, they were shocked to find ticks infesting Sam’s fur. And there weren’t just a few.

No, over 250 ticks had burrowed their way through Sam’s fur and attached themselves to the skin.

This meant that each had to be removed and given the threat of multiple diseases, the team was even more worried.

Any disease would ravage the body of poor Sam, who was in no condition to fight off anything.

But this dog was a fighter and after receiving the proper care and attention, he quickly started to mend.

Watch his amazing transformation:

It took many weeks but eventually, Sam fully recovered and now, he’s a beautiful, happy pup!

This is one of the most amazing stories of rescue and redemption we’ve ever heard…if you agree, share away!

Source: Honest to Paws

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