Couple Lost Beloved Pups On Hike, But A Miracle Brought The Dogs Home

It’s a pet owner’s nightmare. You’re out and about with your favorite canine companion when suddenly you realize that your dog is nowhere in sight. You call out to them but receive only silence.

This horrific event happened to the owners of two miniature schnauzers in the United Kingdom recently. Charlie and Theo were on a hike with their people,

Liz and Graham Hampson, when they became lost in a dense fog. The Hampson’s called for the dogs for what seemed like an eternity, but there was no sign of their beloved miniature schnauzers.

The Hampson’s launched an all-out effort to find their missing pups. They enlisted the help of mountain rescue teams, friends, and family with no luck.

The Telegraph reported that more than 120 people and two drones joined in the search for Charlie and Theo.

Four days passed and there was no sight of the dogs. That’s when the Hampson’s decided to try one final thing to find the dogs before calling off the search.

They went back to the spot where the dogs were last seen. There they set up camp and started to cook sausages. Moments later, the hungry duo finally emerged.

When they first appeared, it was like a mirage. I could not believe it was them,” said Mrs. Hampson. “My husband ran up the hill to grab them as I was just shaking and crying. I could not function.”

The dogs are just gorgeous, and they are part of our family,” she continued. “It would be horrible not to have them around. They absolutely love sausages. They have them every Sunday for breakfast, so if there was one food they were going to come back for, it was sausages.”

Who knew? All you need to find two lost dogs is some sausage and a grill?

Source: Telegraph

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