Saved Hours From Slaughter, This Beautiful Pony Repaid The Kindness In A Way That Melted Every Heart

Sometimes, all it takes to make life better for someone is to give them a hug. No matter how bad the world gets sometimes, just knowing that someone cares can get us through one more day.

There are “professional cuddlers” out there that get paid just to hug and cuddle. If only everyone in the world could get just one hug a day, how much better it would be.

When there’s no one to give you that hug of support, it’s easy to give up. That’s what almost happened to one little miniature horse that had seen the seamier side of life.

And things were about to get even worse. He had no idea that he was listed on a website showing horses that were slated to go to slaughter if no one agreed to foster or adopt them.

That’s when Kirk Hance stepped into that little horse’s life and suddenly it seemed as if everything was finally going to be ok.

When Kirk and his wife happened upon the website they were stunned at how many beautiful animals were being slaughtered weekly. They had no idea that the numbers of horses sent to slaughter across the border reached well over 100,000 a year.

And they could only offer to save the life of two of them.

They had just moved onto a small farm so they would have more room for the animals they’ve rescued to roam and play with their kids.

Once they had the extra space they soon decided to welcome horses into their lives as well. They sort of figured that the right horses would just “find them” the way their other rescues had.

But, that’s when Kirk stumbled upon the sad reality of horse auction sites, where less desirable horses are often sent to slaughter. The only thing worse than an auction website is to attend a horse auction in person. There is always someone there buying the horses that sell cheap for one reason or another. As soon as they get a trailer load, off they go to Mexico.

The only thing worse than an auction website is to attend a horse auction in person.

There is always someone there buying the horses that sell cheap for one reason or another. As soon as they get a trailer load, off they go taking them to Mexico.

The concept is heartbreaking for someone with a kind heart (or some might say, any heart at all).

I honestly didn’t know that such places existed. I showed my wife the site and it really got to us,” Kirk told The Dodo. “My wife spotted both a little paint mare and this little pony; both were being shipped at the end of the day if nobody could step up. We just jumped immediately and purchased them.”

That’s how little Tobias and his larger companion happened up on a chance at a new beginning.

Both animals bear scars and other proof that life before the Hance’s adopted them was very harsh. Neither horse was comfortable with getting pats or treats or even being touched.

They were skittish and tried to run at every sound or wave of a hand. Tobias was especially withdrawn. “He was sick and just kind of stared at the ground. I’m convinced he was severely depressed,” Kirk said.

Tobias didn’t like for anyone to approach him, even when he was out in the pasture and knew he wasn’t being cornered.

Kirk started just going out into the pasture and sitting near Tobias. He didn’t make any moves toward him. He just sat and provided quiet company.

It was likely the first time in a very long while, perhaps ever in his lifetime, that a human had offered friendship without demanding anything of him. The simple gesture of just being near him finally broke down the walls the little pony had built around his heart.

I knew I needed to get down on his level and just show him I cared for him,” Kirk said. “He came up to me, and what started as me just petting him softly and reassuring him it was OK, turned into a full embrace. I just sat there for a few minutes holding him. He seemed to relax and almost fell asleep as if he knew he was safe.”

Tobias suddenly walked over to Kirk and laid his little head on Kirk’s strong shoulder. In that moment, it seemed that he realized that all of the hurt and pain of his past was just that. Past.

Natasha Ward Hance 发布于 2017年10月1日

Kirk put his arms around the tiny horse’s shoulders and they sat that way for a long time. Just both enjoying the hug. Happy to be a companion to someone who needed and deserved their trust and love.

He melted my heart,” Kirk said. “I was taken aback at how people can be so mean to an animal that just wants to be loved.”

That hug started a beautiful improvement in the lives of both animals. Both horses still have moments when a noise or movement brings back old memories and they are startled.

But, then a hug or a pat or the offering of a treat makes them remember that life is good now. The family knows it will be a long road for the horses to take to fully gain back the trust that cruel humans took away.

That’s ok. They have lots of time and lots of love. Plenty enough to go around.

My five kids go out daily and love on them, along with me and my wife,” Kirk said, looking back on the decision that inspired them to rescue these animals in the first place:

The only thing we would have done differently is to have done it sooner. There are way too many innocent animals being discarded like trash.”

Source: The Dodo

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