Hairy, Scaly ‘Monster’ Invades Woman’s Backyard –She Immediately Falls In Love

She was just outside enjoying herself when something scaly, hairy, and seemingly monstrous happened into her life. What happened next was the last thing on earth she expected, however.

Hairy and Scaly

Having a backyard in a rural area can provide a window into the world of wild animals.

Critters such as deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and coyotes can sneak out of the wild at any moment. Cute critters get all the photo bombs on social media.

But what happens when a dinosaur throwback makes a splash right in the middle of your landscaping?

One lady came face-to-face with a scaly creature with a face that some might say only a mother could love.

What is that?

It all started when a woman in the Southwest U.S. was enjoying her morning coffee and admiring her backyard landscaping.

It’s a serene environment, except this morning there was an odd noise breaking across the cool air.

She followed the source of the sound – a splashing noise – to a puddle in the yard.

And there it was, plain as day – hairy, scaly, claws like an alligator and body armor from head to tail.

It was a baby armadillo working to get a drink of water.

This isn’t the everyday find for critters even in a rural backyard.

Oh no!

It didn’t appear the young armadillo’s parents were anywhere in sight. They must have become separated, and that’s not good for any baby wild animal.

Mother armadillos tend to stay with their offspring even after they are weaned. It helps the little ones get a good start before heading out on their own.

Baby wild animals are especially in danger from larger predators when a parent isn’t around.

The lady ditched her coffee that morning to help the little guy.

She named him, “Dilly,” and the two struck up a tight bond between last little fellow and surrogate mom. Dilly was still a little wobbly in his walk, and she made sure he had clean water to drink.

Like any good mom, Dilly’s new mama went about rousting up some tasty bugs for him to eat.

Most baby wild animals that are abandoned don’t survive long in the wild.

Thankfully for Dilly, his surrogate mother is keeping him close and helping him grow into an adult armadillo.

Odd couple

It may be an odd combination with a lovely lady and a scaly little beast, but this surrogate mom and Dilly make a great pair.

Watch them connect:

Such a great story makes you want to enjoy wild critters even more, knowing that people and “beasts” can be helpful to one another.

Source: Honest To Paws

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