Abused By The Other Roosters, Roo Gets Moved To The Barn…That’s When His Extraordinary Secret Is Revealed

Calling someone a chicken is never a compliment. It means you think they are afraid of something.This phrase came about because chickens always seem to be pretty nervous and frightened.

You really can’t blame them. Except for bugs and maybe bunnies and kittens, almost every other animal can be a danger to them.

Even raccoons, possums and other seemingly innocent wildlife mean death to any chicken that crosses their path. Although farmers try to keep their chicken coops as predator proof as possible, there is always some kind of animal doing its best to get in.

Most chickens seem to know that their safest best of making it through the night is to stay inside their coop together. They rally for position as high as possible on their roost, nature’s self-preservation technique.

One little rooster at Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California, was a little more unique from the rest. The frizzled Cochin roo got his name, Poodle Roo, from his frizzled feathers which give him a disheveled appearance.

Not only did Poodle Roo look different from the rest of the chickens, he acted differently as well. The rest of the chickens would docilely file into the coop when sunset was nearing.

But, not Poodle Roo. He would find a comfortable place out in the middle of the pasture and hunker down for the night.

His owners knew that this was sure death for any chicken. Especially a white one that would be visible to owls and other predators in the moonlight’s glow.

So, night after night, flashlights in hand, they would search the pasture looking for Poodle Roo’s current bed. They would take him and put him on the roost in the coop.

The next morning however, they would find him back outside, away from the rest of the chickens.

One night, they put him in the coop and fixed it so he couldn’t get back out. They thought they were saving his life.

The next morning. They realized why Poodle Roo hadn’t felt safe in the chicken coop. The other chickens had ganged up on him and pecked him almost to death.

He was covered in blood and very weak when they found him. They immediately wrapped him in towels and put him under a heat lamp. It was then that they realized that Roo was blind in one eye as well as deaf!

They declared firmly that Poodle Roo would NOT be going back into the coop. Ever.

That might be a moot point, however, they were told, as he might be too weak to recover from the extensive loss of blood.

He rallied, despite the odds, and after a while seemed to be good as new. What would they do now though? He couldn’t go back in with the other roosters, and he couldn’t stay in the infirmary any longer.

Finally, someone had the idea to put him in the barn. So, that became his new home.

He seemed awfully lonesome all by himself in the big barn, alone. That’s when he started making friends…

His health improved and his amazing personality began to emerge!

Only then did they realize that Roo had an even more remarkable talent!

WATCH the video below to find out what it is…

Source: Honest To Paws

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

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